Leveling the playing field

“He fell for it.” I thought. I stopped my burning Gundam from charging at him. The time is right to use that. “I give you one last chance, child. The battle is already decided. I have had my beastmen destroy the reinforcements and ordered for the Cathedral Terra to standby just in case. Give up now, and I will allow you to return to the pits." He said. “Ha!” I laughed. I knew that The Qubeley was no match for there Giant fortress but we had one more trick up our sleeve. Suddenly the Air was filled with bombs. Timed to detonate in the midst’s of the Beastmen army. He had never expected our Garuda class Atmospheric transport fleet. Now descended the Army of gundams that was kept for just an occasion as this. It was entertaining to watch as the suprised enemies were shredded by there pre-emptive strike. Our qubeley, mustering what power it could, got back onto its feet and attacked with renewed vigor. We had seen the massive Ship that he had rivaling the moon. And we knew that he would see this coming miles away had we not covered them in cloaking devices.


“Hey zoo keeper. Guess what? I have something of yours.” I Yelled. I pulled the canister of anti energy from my sword. It had deflected enough of his attacks and had made contact with his mobile suit enough times to be able to pull this off. Sure he had a greater power source than I did but this will level the playing field. I Opened a compartment in my mobile suits arm. It was built for these containers. I am so glad that our head scientist was on our side. He mad the brilliant idea of these little canisters. See the antienergy canisters were not made to destroy energy that it came into contact with. But it actually STORED IT. So right now I hooked up my Gundam to what ever power source that Lordgenome had right now.


Suddenly my body was overtaken by shivers. I broke out into a cold sweat. “I felt….. powerful. “I like it!” I said as my entire Gundam was overtaken by this power that Lordgenome called Spiral energy.

The End

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