Lazengann Melee

"It seems I have no choice," Lordgenome laughed. This faceless gunman was something. It had an attack that relied on heat and was ultimately effective despite the spiral barrier surrounding Lazengann's armor. He needed to go close range and give the enemy no time to recharge.

Above, the battle had shifted in the Spiral Kings favor once Teppilin toppled the large white faceless gunman that challenged it. It seemed Guame would be the first of the Beastmen to actually do something useful. The others had never stood out, but Guame had just decided the fate of a battle. Impressive.

Focusing on the faceless Gunman ahead of him, Lordgenome opened his comlink to allow the monkey to speak should he feel the need to explain himself. "I give you one last chance, child," Lordgenome said, walking slowly toward the faceless gunman, "The battle is already decided. I have had my beastmen destroy the reinforcements and ordered for the Cathedral Terra to standby just in case. Give up now, and I will allow you to return to the pits."

Lazengann tensed up just as it got near the faceless Gunman. It was unmatched in hand to hand combat. Even with the burning attack, Lazengann would win. Lordgenome laughed. Regeneration was one technology that would never exist without Spiral Power, and none of these insurgents could generate that. SHould the monkey answer with anything but an accepting of Lordgenome's offer, Lazengann would launch a full assault. Any sudden moves would be reacted to as well. This was the beginning of the end.

The End

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