An opportunity grabbed

“Hahahahaha.” I laughed. This was just the opportunity I had hoped for. Lazengann had me pinned and there was seemingly no hope. “Burning hand Overload. Activate Shining finger!” I yelled. My hand, that had cooled down, turned from orange to blinding white. I gripped the drill thing that was wrapped around my leg. The drill didn’t even stand up to it for a second. My hand just seared right through it. I quickly grabbed the drill and I sprung free just in time before Lazengann Landed making a crater where I just was. I raised my hand and brought it down. He dodged. “Darn!” I said. “just then the red button on the top of the controls in my cockpit glimmered. “No I am saving that for emergencies.” I looked at Lazengann and looked back at it. “Maybe he will drive me to use that. For the moment I think my shining finger will do the trick for offense. And he can’t get away from me since I have one of his drills. Now he cant get way from me. And from what I have analyzed so far. He cant make drills come out of his drills. I griped his drill and jumped toward him, snatching up my sword as I did. My hand resonated with the blade and transformed it into shining blade.


“Have at you zoo keeper. I said via speaker. Raised my blade into a stabbing position. “If he attacks I can cut his weapon in half with shining blade. If he defended my antienergy weapon will sap his strange energy and weakin him. It is a win win either way. And on top of that I will engage him in the close combat he seems to fear so much.” I said to myself as I charged and readied my shining saber for the kill.

The End

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