Lazengann Shutdown!

This was fun!

Lordgenome laughed his deep laugh. "I suppose spiral weapons are something I should avoid with your special tricks and equipment." Lazengann unfolded his arms and flexed, Spiral power flooding out of Lordgenome from his latest boost in spirit and into Lazengann. The machine purred with energy. 

"So, you want close range?" Lazengann swung with blinding speed, kicking the faceless gunman's arm away and sending the sword swinging beside his black frame. Lazengann jumped out of range of any further attacks, moving higher and higher in the sky and spinning like an acrobat of the Old World.

"There are things in this world that you impudent fools do not understand," Lordgenome said through the comlink. He had made it one sided. Nothing the fool would say would change Lordgenome's resolve. Not to mention he would be dead soon. 

Lazengann started to descend, with gravity finally having taken over, and plummet head-first toward the rebel. "I once had your reasonings, but then my ignorance was cured and I learned of what awaited in that path I walked. Now, I must crush you before you have a chance to reach it and obtain oblivion for us all!"

Small drills rapped around Lazengann's leg, making it able to avoid severing should the energy blade hit it, and the black gunman flipped in the air in the last second, his armored leg on a collision course with the faceless gunman's crest. 

"Die, ignorant child! Lazengann Shutdown!"

The End

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