An efective Item

I stopped my charge once he seemed to bring out a drill. “Fight like a man. Fine I will fight like a man!” I yelled. His drill was pointing at me. “There is something he said about drill being able to stop my fire. The I just have to get rid of the drill.” I thought. “Hey zoo keeper. I have something for you.” I said out loud. Whether he heard me over some kind communication technology he had, or whether it was heard over the whirring of his drill I don’t know. I just know that he heard it. I pressed a yellow button on the controls and my head gun fired a bullet. A very special bullet. Forty feet away from me the bullet stopped moving and gave off a light flash. This flash was so large that it would blind enemy solders fighting far above us. I knew it this item was effective before I shot it. it had worked on so many of his underlings before. Why wouldn’t it work now. because Lordgenome’s machine cringed. I knew that his systems were out of whack. It would only last a few moments so I took the opportunity. I activated my Ignition boost and closed the gap.


His Lazengann was already fully operational but it was too late. I was past the tip of his drill. “If I can get in grappling zone then I can fight him where I can do some damage. Of course I would have to do something about those drillish tendrils but I could figure that out when that problem presents itself. Lordgenome grunted when his screen finally regained visibility. “How do you like our anti energy weaponry.” I laughed. It was called antienergy because it absorbed all energy in an area and disposed of it. It seemed particularly effective against Lordgenome and his army but it took a lot of time to create it and the supplies were limited so it is only equipped on suits that have a higher life expectancy than 20 minuets on the battlefield. I pulled out my blade and anti energy container. “See we have adapted things like antienergy to things like swords to.” I said connecting the top of the container to the bottom of the handle of the sword. I was in sword fighting range now. I rose my laser blade up and brought it down. “Lordgenome you die today!”

The End

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