Lazengann Input!

"Your majesty, should I get someone to bring Cathedral Terra?" 

Lordgenom ignore the question as his tail was destroyed by the child. He was more powerful than he let on, but it wasn't Spiral power that drove him. It was simple technology. These fools believed in science, so why couldn't they see the futility in fighting the antispirals further?

Lazengann regrew the tail and observed as the faceless gunman rushed toward him. It was starting to gather power. No matter. Lazengann rushed backwards and started creating a massive amount of drills around his left arm, each of them weaving together to form an even larger drill. 

'Come, foolish child,' Lordgenome thought.

The ground shook announcing Teppilin's massive shape. It really was going to be a grand day. Though it wasn't the most powerful of his army, it certainly would be more than capable of killing off the rebellion. These children would finally learn of the stupidity of their-

Another crash sounded across the infernal plains. The massive figure was white and had a large sword. Interesting. So, these children had more power than he gave them credit for. Well, the eastern countries were something that shouldn't have been underestimated, despite their lack of spiral power.

Lazengann started enhancing the drill as the enemy mech shot a burning blast towards the Spiral King. "Pathetic," Lordgenome said. The man had been saying something earlier, but Lordgenome ignored everything this man said. No need to taint his ears with the words of ignorance. "Spiral power is based on a drill, monkey. A flame attack like that will be dispersed." 

At that moment, the blast made contact with Lazengan's immense drill and was separated into harmless puffs of flame. 

"You must fight like a man to beat me," Lordgenome laughed. Lazengann charged the mech, drill still out and spinning. "Lazengann Input!"

The drill aimed for the faceless gunman's leg. 

The End

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