Shining Burst

“Uh oh. I seem to have made a huge mistake.” I thought. A large Morning glory coming right at me. My brain began over loading. Looking for a way to escape. That is when I saw it. To the left. There was a small gap. “Small but just big enough to give me a possibility to escape from death.” I thought. I used my ignition boost and curled over to the left. A spike appeared on the morning glory. I reached out my burning finger and destroyed the spike. “Whew I made it out. I don’t know how. But I made it out.” I said. 

I took a little breather. “Hey Zoo keeper. I think you are loosing Your touch. More like I hope you are because if you defeated all of the others using puny attacks like this I seriously………” I could not finish my sentence. More like a did not care to. There looming above the battle field was a giant machine. It was gargantuan. Volcanoes would do nothing but slow that thing down. How could we possibly win if they have something like that. “Hey comrade. Don’t fear. They are not the only ones with monolith mechi.” A voice rang out on my radio. “Haman Is that You?” I said. “Not just Haman.” Another voice rang out. “Puru?” I asked. I checked my surround monitors and saw a monolith Qubeley land. It was approximately the same size of there Behemoth.

“Like it. We were working on it for a while. It is called the Reluctant beast.” Haman said laughing. “Now we can take each other on equal grounds.” Puru said to the giant robot before them. “This truly is the last battle.” I said grinning. I looked over at Lordgenome. “Burning finger.” I said. My mechs hand glowed brighter. From orange to red to blue. I pulled out my laser blade. “Wings extend!” I yelled. My wings extended to there greatest length. “Shining burst!” My hand extended and opened. “Fire!” I yelled. The Shining blast shot forth from my hand. I followed up knowing that he would dodge the first attack, and when he did I would attack with my blade. “He is not going to get out of this fight without some serious damage.” I thought

The End

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