Lazengann Crash!

"You impudent fool," the Spiral King curse, uncaring that the foolish monkey couldn't hear him. He would feel the words with the spiral power Lazengann held. "Do you realiza how long it took to make the beastmen? Now I will have to make more..."

It was a pity. Though weaker than the spiral warriors, the beastman had proven themselves useful beyond Lordgenome's expectations. With the exception of this rebellion faction, they had helped him conquer the entirety of earth. Added in with the immense Spiral power that preserved Lordgenome's two hundred year old body so far. 

Feeling Spiral power raise along with his morale, the Spiral King smiled. This puny monkey charged at him, full on himself for tricking the Spiral King. He would learn that Lordgenome and Lazengann did not play around. It was time to finish the fight.

"Guame," Lordgenome called through the comlink. 

"Yes, your majesty?" Came the young beastman's voice. 

"I want you to take command of Teppilin and take down the resistance. Use Herrengurr to do so." The gunman was close to breaking, but it would operate Teppilin fine for a while. 

"Yes, your majesty." The comlink ended and Lordgenome prepared for the incoming faceless gunman. 

A comlink opened to it's owner, made possible by spiral power. "I know you can hear me, impudent fool," Lordgenome growled, "Let me show you what real spiral power can do!"

With that, thin drills emerged from Lazengan's tail, making it resemble a porcupine, and then extended to the black gunman's front. Lazengann took ahold of the tail and started swinging, building speed and extending the tail into a morning star.

"Lazengan~" The spiked tip reached near max speed. 

"CRASH!" The spiked tail flung toward the oncoming rebel. 'If one is eager for Death,' Lordgenome thought, 'Then I should comply. Foolish child.'

The End

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