The tTurning Point

“I accept your challenge. I will fight you in single combat. However. I will not b e the only one fighting.” I said rising my burning hand. “Ignition!” I yelled. My gundams hang glowed bright orange. I dived. Come follow me you useless, defeated, fallen coward!” I yelled. He looked down at me. I did not see his actual face but I knew he was. I knew his kind. He was the kind that saw people as bugs that could never scratch people like himself. It was then that he finally processed my insults and he roared in bellowing rage. His Lazengann chassed me down, down, down to the depths of the lava filled valleys. I suddenly stopped and used my ignition boost in the opposite direction. My burning hand shot forward towards his chest. A long drill like tendril extended and blocked me. “Gotcha.” I laughed. I drew my leg up and kicked his Lazengann’s face.


 “How dare you. You useless….” He paused as he saw all of my troops descend to the lowest depth they could possibly take. “What are you doing?” He asked as several of those tendrils came out of his body and started swatting at me. “Just a little bit of…… A demonstration. Your shields can easily bock our bullets and lasers. But are they powerful enough to block the full force of Nature?” I Yelled. “Now Mole Battalion blow ‘em!” I yelled into my intercom.


Deep beneath the lava, further than the grounds crust beneath the volcanoes. Hundreds of explosives wired to explode, lined around the base of the volcanic monstrosities. And a few Mechs. A rumble was heard as the bombs detonated.


“You think that you can completely hide the humans but. Humans have a kinship with the earth that know nothing of.” I said as a large rumbling sound came off. “What have you done?” My foe yelled. I just smiled. The rumbling became greater and louder still. Then it happened. A pillar of lava shot out of the volcano beneath the enemies Mechs. The two Volcanoes, then three then five, then hundreds. It was a chain reaction. Thousands of pillars of lava were shooting up and millions of volcanic rocks were falling from above. Shredding Lordgenome’s forces into ashes. There were still a rather large force but now we could challenge them on equal grounds. Our forces charged up at them. Drawing there laser blades they charged.


“Now Lordgenome have at you.” I said as I charged for him at full force.

The End

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