Challenge of the Spiral King!

"Foolish monkeys," Lordgenome spit. Lazengann seemed to purr in agreement. These puny monkeys could not grasp the reality of the situation. There was only one language they understood. The Spiral king smiled widely, letting the spiral power in him build and power Lazengann's black mass. It was time.

"My lord," Guame's voice yelled over the com link, "We are under attack. It is that naked ape leader and his faceless gunman!" Lazengann had already started moving before Guame's voice stopped.

"Guame, it appears you are having trouble. Are you incompetent?" He did not wait for a reply, as he shut off the com link before one could come. Fool. Even though he was a newborn, he should have more sense and knowledge than to let his plans fail. The beastmen needed more work. 

After what seemed like eternity, Lazengann finally arrived at the infernal plains, and array of Gunman behind him. The Spiral King opened all comlinks for a moment and gave the order to halt, then turned on the speakers. This foolish monkey would know whom he was facing and he would fall, creating a symbol of despair for the others. 

"Foolish children," the Spiral King bellowed from Lazengann's cockpit, "Your ignorance can not be repaired and your will does not seem to waver. For this reason, I have decided the only solution is suppression." Those of the resistance began firing toward Lazengann, but the Spiral Barrier held them off with ease. No one touched the Spiral King. 

Guame's forces finally finished retreating, what little remained, that is, so Lordgenome decided it was time to pull out his plan. He would make them bow, even if he must break their legs! "The one called Domon," the Spiral King commanded, "Come forth and face me."

A faceless gunman walked forth, it's frame mostly white with red accents. Odd looking in the least and not nearly as intimidating as Lazengann's black frame. Easily broken.

"I challenge you in single combat," Lordgenome said with a large grin. Foolish monkey. Had he not stood forth, he might have been able to escape with his life. Now he would feel the power of the most powerful Spiral Warrior in the galaxy!

The End

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