Burning Gundam

Not the actual Gundam storie. more like a cross over from Gurren laggan and Gundam. before the first episode of Gurren laggan durring the take over of Lorgenome

“Alright it is time. Earth is in trouble. This Spiral warrior has begun his march on earth and we are the last humans that have not been imprisoned underground in one of his little cages. I shall show this fallen warrior what humans can do. We can still fight him. We can still defeat his army as long as we defeat him. The only way we can stop him from destroying the canopy protecting the city is if we stop him from reaching it. So we have decided to combat him here. At the infernal Waists.” Domon said. The pilots ran to there mobile suits and got geared up. Soon thousands of mobile suits stood in formation before Burning Gundam piloted by Domon. “Come my friends. We take to the skies.” Domon yelled. The mobile suits rose to the skies above the clouds.


The infernal waists was one of the natural barriers surrounding the canopy that contained the city. It was a lager forest of volcanoes. The ground was covered in Lava and molten rock. Ash was thick in the air. Never at one moment was there less than three volcanoes erupting. A harsh place to have a battle but it was the easiest climate compared to the surrounding natural barriers. To the south was the tundra’s. It was a graveyard. Hundreds of battleships and countless mechs were frozen to the mountains. To the west lied the smoggy plains. A dangerous flatland that harbored some kind of gas that ate right through matter. To the east was the great rivers. Acid, everywhere, In the air, in the ground, the water, even the plants. It would be relatively simple to fight in there but it has the same effect as the gasses in the smoggy plains. So the infernal plains were the only choice. And that is why we know that they will be attacking through here.


 After several hours of waiting our scouts saw the first enemy. They were closing in fast. We were far above them and they could not detect us due to the gasses that the volcanoes gave off. It scrabbles there sensors. They were crossing. Far below us. “Wait.” I said in the radio. “Hold.” They were far beneath us but not just right yet. “Hold.” I yelled. Now they were directly beneath us. “Now!” I yelled.


First came a volley of gunfire. Shredding there ranks. The enemy was in chaos. Our close combatants descended upon them and devastated them. At the end of the skirmish we met for number calculation. “How many did we lose?” I asked. “Sir the enemies that were not killed were damaged. We lost two units and three supports.” He said. “Good. Set up a watch for the next…” I was interrupted by a horn. I searched the horizon and gazed upon the enemy in horror. “Had they expected us. Or was that just a wave?” I though to myself. That is when I was him. The fallen Spiral warrior. And his Lazengann. “ form ranks! Prepare for attack! Protect the Canopy!” I yelled.

The End

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