New Face, New Life

For a few moments, he ceased to exist in what others may have thought as normal. All that remained was a seemingly endless fountain of orange light that seemed to spread all around the room like smoke on the wind. Slowly, however, the outline of a new and different looking body started to appear from the bright orange light pouring out of his clothes. Hands, which had recently been thin and wrinkled were now smooth and smaller than before. His body, which had been taller and rather skinny, was now shorter and more healthier than it had previously felt like. After a few moments, everything else had changed, everything that is, apart from his face. 

His face still burned bright, still shone with the power of the sun and kept giving off the pale stream of smoke that had so recently been pouring out of him. It had always been like this, for as long as he`d known. It was always his face which took the longest. It had also been the most painful part of the change, but finally, after two thousand years, he had finally got used to it, or at least he hoped. 

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the light from where his face had been blazed bright with a flash and revealed his new features which, he automatically noticed, were completely different even before he looked at the new reflection in the glass cylinder in front of him. Instead of the greying, gaunt face that he had gotten used to, he saw a younger, more caring face with dark brown, almost black hair covering his forehead whilst a small beard had seemed to appear round his cheeks and chin. Turning round to look back at the room behind him, the Doctor nodded approvingly. This version of him definitely liked this form of Victorian decorations unlike the cool metal which his previous version had seemed to love.

The End

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