Regeneration Part II

Using one of the open doors as a support, he managed to pull himself back to his feet to stand in the door way of his ship. But it had looked different when he had walked out of there two days before with a smile on his face. Despite the knifing pain going through his head, he knew that it had changed.

Perhaps, she had known. Known that this was going to be his last journey, in this body that is. For a ship that traveled through space and time as well as having it`s own conscience, the thought was not as strange as it might of seemed. 

Staggering slowly towards the central console in the centre of the room, he silently marveled at the changes that had been made to it in his absence. Instead of the cold blue, 21st century style decor that he had became used too, this room was now completely opposite, being more akin to a Victorian Study than anything else. 

Before he had any chance to properly look around the rest of the room, he sharply doubled over, retching in agony at the pain that suddenly flooded through every cell of his body. He knew what this pain was, he`d even been welcoming it. But this time, it felt worse, even more painful than ever before. 

Grabbing onto the console to support himself, he heard the large blue doors behind him slam shut as though they were heralding his impending end like some form of lonely drum. Forcing his head to look up at the central column before him, he gazed upon the virtual image of a woman standing inside the column looking down upon him, with her small hand resting on the glass in front of him.

With the last of his strength, he managed to place his hand next to hers on the glass and give one last smile before he burst into a shower of light as bright as a sun.

The End

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