A Story of a lonely wanderer in a big blue box.

His entire body started to shake as he slowly made his way towards the large blue doors in front of him. All around him, the town was deadly quiet, giving off the air of abandonment as he hobbled every on-wards. It hadn`t been the case at first, when he had first arrived in the town. It had been a vibrant place full of joy and laughter. Or at least it had been before the Daleks had arrived.

The sky had been full of them, screaming their declarations and intentions whilst massacring anyone who had ran from them. But their screams had changed, he remembered, from screams of anger to screams of horror when he used the central intelligence network to give each and every one of them some form of emotion. In doing so, it had killed him, causing his brain to start hemorrhaging severely. But for once, he didn`t care. He rarely took joy in revenge, even against the Daleks, but this time he had. This time, he had actually delved into his dark side and remembered all the people he had lost to the Daleks. 



Total Strangers..

He had smiled, a slight little smile as he had watched the last two Daleks turn on each other for the crime of both feeling emotions apart from hate. For once, they had finally got what they had deserved. 

He was suddenly pulled from his memories as he felt his legs give way and with a thud, he landed on the rocky ground just mere inches from the door. Reaching up with one of his shaking hands, he clicked his thin fingers and automatically the doors flung open letting a bright orange light shine out from within.

The End

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