A Lone StarMature

This is a piece of erotica. It is graphic by nature, but artfully so. Feel free to give feedback, and enjoy!

    It wasn’t the first night Star had awakened still reeling from the intensity of a dream. Yet, here, she found herself yearning to feel what she had imagined. The mystery was enough to arouse any woman, but now she found herself indulging in the throws of fantasy.
    Star wasn’t one who sought danger, but she could no longer deny enjoying the thrill. She lay in the warmth of the sheets and closed her eyes, his face still lingering in her memory. Her body was exposed and vulnerable. Star shuddered at the thought of his kiss, smooth and powerful. He was in command, and she was his captive. Star let her fingers trail across her nakedness, snaking between her soft breasts. She shivered, her nipples hardening.  She could almost feel his lips as he had sucked, lightly caressing the erect tender flesh with his teeth. Her fingers worked their way down, quickly finding the moist place between her legs.
    Rolling her clit with an index finger, Star felt a surge of pleasure lapse through her. It was delicious. She was wet with anticipation. She rubbed the hood with speed, sending spasms of passion rippling through her lithe frame. Remembering his warm slick tongue licking, as she had held his head. Star stroked the delicate bud, arching her back in ecstasy. Her breath quickened as she moaned with pure sin. As the intensity of delight increased, she grabbed at the sheets. Her sensitive breasts aching for his rough touch. Star kept circling her clit, occasionally sliding a finger into the wetness pooling inside her lips. The sensations were growing, she was on the brink of climaxing. The first orgasm flooded through her body and jolted her to the second. With strengthened stimulation she continued to cum multiple times, the lustful energy coursing through her. Drenched in sweat Star slowly opened her eyes, sighed, and returned to a sleep infused with dreams of her lover...

The End

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