You've Got to Start Somewhere

In order to give some structure and continuity, the rules are:
- each page should contain just 3 paragraphs
- each new page should pick up on a character or thread from the previous page and develop the character or plot in a surprising way.
Beyond this small degree of logical progression, please have fun and let your imagination take the story anywhere, anywhere at all...

"It's... awful!" Maggie blurted with a strangled groan as she surveyed the carnage wrought by the two monsters to her previously pristine apartment. It took a long time to find an uncluttered surface on which to dump her very expensive new handbag and Maggie felt increasingly overwrought. 

She had known when she left the house that morning with a dull heavy feeling in her chest that the day was not destined to run smoothly. She'd missed the train by moments and when she did arrive at the office (late) an idiot intern spilt coffee all over her suit jacket in the elevator, so that when she was being hauled over the coals by Jarvis for being deliberately excluded from an important meeting held by the agency's biggest client he'd scowled at the stain it had left. Definitely not a good look. 

She managed to locate a patch of space on a coffee table, put down the handbag and took a deep breath before heading to the kitchen to pour herself a drink. Fortification for the clean-up. "So," she said with resignation, but not to anyone in particular "I guess you've got to start somewhere".

The End

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