Katie And A DreamMature

Naked underneath the bedsheets, he tried to tangle every possible part of himself into her. She complied and reciprocated his actions. Every part of their bodies called for each other, to sink into each other and become one. Her hands moved towards his back and pulled him closer to her, pressing against her breasts. He wanted to become part of her, for the two to merge into one being. He teased her lips with a gentle kiss, and played around her mouth with his tongue. He could feel them curve upwards to a distant smile. He opened eyes to peek at her lovely face, to be met with half closed eyes, trying to imagine all the ferocious emotions fighting within her. There had to be more, there had to be more, his lusts kept calling him, continuously irritating him. There had to be more…


To get his breath back, he sat up from her, and precariously balanced himself on his left arm and touched Kate’s cheek. “What are you thinking?” she asked. Pete looked at her forlornly, and said, “It is not important.” Her hands shyly moved up close to his face, and found his lips. Taking her wrist gently, he kissed her finger tips. “Love you,” Pete said. Kate lurched up to give him an awkward kiss, and burst into a giggle. “Didn’t quite work as I thought it would…”


It was getting late, so they washed themselves quickly and dressed. Breathing in the musty fragrance, Pete took Kate’s hand and drew her close. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.” And he left the house.


His watch told him it was almost seven in the evening, so he rushed home quickly. The door was locked, telling him his mother had not yet come back. He sighed, pushed the door open and within seconds, fell asleep – on the living room couch.


He lurched to a start, and the room was still dark. His phone had a new message for him. “You left your wallet behind. I’ll bring it in tomorrow. Love ya.” It was from Kate. It was also ten at night. He was very hungry. He strolled to the kitchen and boiled some water to prepare some instant noodles. Mmm, food, he thought.


He wondered where his mother was, and concluded by the silence that she was not back yet.


Having finished his food, he performed his mundane ablutions, changed into his pyjamas and fell asleep.


Alex Howard beckoned him. “Come here, come on, take a step into here.” He pointed towards a dark spiraling hole. Pete felt awkward and childish. He took a couple of steps and approached Alex. He’s dead! He’s dead! He’s dead! What the hell are you dreaming?


He smiled at Alex’s calm, serene face, and fell into the hole, fading, spiraling away into the darkness. He could feel the wind passing through his hair, swishing through his face…he moved his hand to touch his cheeks, and suddenly the movement became heavy. I’m waking up…go back to sleep…He turned his head, and Kate grabbed him to give him a long, smooth kiss. She smiled sweetly and waved. Lenses re-focused, and she was far away. Pete looked back down the hole; he was a on flat ground. There were so many people around him. The noise seemed increasingly irritating, but they also seemed distant and fake.  Pete felt the him in reality smile as he realized this was a dream after all. It was all make believe…He felt Kate’s soft hands clasp his so tight, so real. He could not bear to look to check if she really was there, as Alex’s fiery home zoomed into his face. Alex was lying prostrate, helpless and quite certainly dead inside the house. Was there anything he could do? His first reaction was to hope. Hope for what? So God can do something. What God? Is there a God? He called the police. The police were already there, making a mess of everything. He wanted to pray. He started to; stopped. Alex…come back…come back…what have I done wrong? Did he make a mistake? Did I make a mistake? He remembered Alex saying, “Have faith in you, Pete.”


Everything freezed. Was there a point? I’m only bloody 18 years old. I’ve got loads more of life to enjoy. Bashing his head into the soft pillow, he shook his body violently. Get a grip. It’s a beautiful day.


And it was. The sun sneaked through the window curtains gently, just to say hello.


Ugh, sun, he thought. He tried to close his eyes tighter, but realized that would make no difference whatsoever. So he buried himself underneath the pillow. He completely forgot about his dream.

The End

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