A Little InsightMature

“Fuck your fucking religion,” Chris said, “Why should I be fucking respecting your fucked up God? Shut the fuck up, Mr. Jesus-lover.”

Chris had cursed, “Jesus Christ” when the teacher had asked the class to write a 4 page essay on ‘Great Expectations: Character of Pip”. Pete politely asked Chris whether he could refrain from using the name of the Messiah as an exclamation of dismay. Chris grunted, then laughed. He and his cronies began to croon, “Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, fuck me!” and laughed more loudly. Pete turned round and gave a sharp look at Chris. “A little bit more respect, Chris? I respect that you don’t believe in God, but I do. So could you…?” Chris then laughed and stood up. The teacher left the room at exact same time.


“Fight, fight, fight” the class chanted. Somebody commented wittily, “Who will God side with?”


“Pete, you fucked up homosexual, get a life, really.” Chris said, “No one gives a fuck, okay, no one gives a fuck if I say Jesus Christ. Keep your religion at home with your mommy, momma’s boy.”


“Don’t bring my mom into this, Chris,” Pete said, a little shakily, “I just wanted you to - ”


The whole class erupted in laughter. Nobody cared whether the fight was about religion – all they cared about was the Pete was getting bullied. Even those who went to Church 3 times a week, or held every single religious ceremony of the year, laughed along.


Oh God, Pete thought, can you help me now? Now?


“That’s right, loner boy, shut up and get on with life. Oh wait, you don’t have a life, sorry.” Chris said, his cronies sniggering on cue.


God had abandoned him. He could find no spirit to fight back. Pete could feel the redness swell up to his cheeks, and his toes sweat. He turned back around to face the board, and wrote, ‘Great Expectations’ on his piece of paper. Some of the more sensitive people patted Pete on the back, and he heard other say, “Bloody hell, can’t Chris be more friendly to religion? It’s my religion too…” Pete began to feel better. There were people on his side, but were too scared to speak out. Was this how God was helping him? Yes, God never abandons Pete – He never abandons anyone. He works in His mysterious and subtle ways. I’m sorry, God, for doubting you. You are always there to help the needy. Pete crossed himself and pulled himself together. The teacher came back, and Chris did not bother Pete for the rest of the day.

The End

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