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Promptly at 7:00 in the morning, Pete woke up due to his internal alarm clock – it was Sunday morning, and the services began at 8. Scratching his tousled hair, he gave an unsightly yawn and inadvertently opened his mouth and closed it several times, making a sick sound of dry spit between his dry lips. He uncurled himself and stood up in his pajamas in order to clean himself for the Sunday service.


“Come on, Pete, or you’ll miss breakfast! We’re going in 10 minutes!” his mom called out, “We can’t be late for Church!”


Pete merely nodded, but there was no one to see him. Only God. Oh dear God, Pete began his morning prayers, I have tried to be good this week, but I feel that I have not done enough. Some things are simply in need forever and I feel so helpless about it. Could you please light the way to my enlightenment? Satisfied with this, Pete applied toothpaste on his toothbrush and brushed his teeth rigorously. Soon, he was thoroughly clean, head to toe, and had worn a very smart, but plain attire, ready for Church.


“Have I missed breakfast then?” he asked with a touch of regret, “Or…?”


“You’ve missed it, honey,” his mom said, “just look forward to lunch, alright?”


His dad smiled at him from the dining table, and picked up the car keys – at about 7:40, the trio reached the carpark of their Church. They robotically walked briskly towards the entrance of the Church, and took with warm thanks the itinerary of today’s Church’s services. Pete opened the first page, and was surprised to see that there was a business card stuck inside. He read, ‘Do you believe in God? If the answer is yes, maybe you would like to visit my preaching session at Cornwall Street 14 every Thursday 4pm. Alex Howard Tel: 2299011 – 010’ etc. Very interested, Pete pocketed the card in his trouser pocket, and faded away into his secluded part of the mind where the most faithful thoughts were lingering – and prayed hard to God to take care of his family, friends, relatives…

The End

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