Ninth Period

I had just returned to homeroom after the weekly Art Club meet. The demon had followed me to my classes all day, but not to Art Club. When I walked in homeroom, I wasn't really surprised to see him back in that corner.

There were still a few minutes left in the period, so I took out my book, Eggs, by Jerry Spinelli, and read. 

Now, the demon did something that he hadn't done before today. Instead of standing in the back corner, he walked over and stood right by my desk. And then to make sure he knew, I looked at him a whispered, "I can see you."

He stepped backwards to his spot in the corner, with no emotion. Did he hear me? I think he did, the way his slimy fist clenched and unclenched. Apparently his boss wasn't going to be happy about my curse.

The bell for first dismissal rang and I took my books and left to go to my locker.

The End

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