Thirteenth Birthday

It was the night of my thirteenth birthday. Since it was my special day, Mom let me stay up extra late. At 2 am, I crawled into bed.

I was just dozing off when I felt unusual pressure on my throat. Pulling in wheezy gasps, I felt at my neck. I felt hands.

I managed to turn the lights on, but when I looked down, nothing was there, but I was still choking.

My sight started to fade.

Breathing became harder and harder.

Then some kind of force ripped the hands away. Life came back in full color again. I heard bumps against my walls and chilly breezes going past, but saw nothing.

I heard a scream, fading as it seemed to go down into the ground.

A floating body materialized above me. "Diana," its voice was smooth like caramel.

"What's going on?" I spluttered.

"Because of your birthday, 1-3-13, and your coming of the age of thirteen," the translucent body informed me, "Demons, for some reason, are trying to kill you, perhaps to take you."

"So that's what tried to kill me?" I felt terribly lightheaded.

"Yes. And since you don't deserve to be taken-"

"Down there?"

"Yes. Since you don't deserve to be taken, we - up there - are trying to keep them away. But you can't see them, can you? You can't be sure when they're coming. So I must grant you the curse of seeing the demons."

"Well, I guess if it'll help."

She nodded and touched my eyes. "The deed is done. One more thing."


"Now you can only be killed when we say."

"Wait... I'm immortal?!"

"In a way. Good luck," Then she dissipated.

Great. I'm immortal and I can see demons. What a wonderful thirteenth birthday.

The End

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