Break A LegMature

Natalia was in ribbons, and could barely contain her emotion, though equally was her co-star, “Oh woe is me! How could the director demote us to second fiddles? How could he deny us, our chance at resource and repute?” exclaimed the actress.

“Because he is a knave!” declared her lover Robert, himself a reserve to the lead actor in the play, “but fear not,” he smirked, “for I have heard a prophecy.”

“By what future dost it portend? Name those prognosticators!” begged Natalia.

“They were numbered three, nameless hags I met, though I was doubtless of their power. Unto me they said, we can be the leads, if we but dare, but avoid the trap we ourselves have set.”

“Of course, Robert!” Natalia’s mood improving, “How brilliant and obvious!”

“Forsooth, my dear. And if ye contemplate, two evil deeds ‘pon evil-doers is hardly evil in and of itself.”

Robert’s logic was flawed in more ways than one, and Natalia’s was all the lesser, nevertheless her mind plotted, and was halfway to commitment. “Yes. But their ends must be met on accident, and our schemes mustn’t be apparent, and our operations must be covert.”

The actor simply nodded, and immediately their wheels of machination spun askew.

On the rehearsal of the premiere, the players took their positions, while the understudies sat on the sidelines. The acting commenced therein. The conspirators watched, awaiting the prepared demise, the actor had opportuned.

“Is it done?” asked the wicked Natalia.

“Aye. ‘Tis done. The wires are too weak to hold, and when our enemies step on their mark, the lighting platform will tumble, and will crush them dead,” replied Robert, sounding too giddy to be human.

“Then we will be queen and king centre stage, and inducted in history,” and Natalia would have cackled would it not have interrupted the scene. However, the director stopped the act, and cut the action, and addressed the cast and crew, “Idiots! The lot of you! Robert and Natalia! Show these fools how it is done.”

Pleased to be drafted, the incompetent and forgetful understudies shot from their seats, and danced to their karmic deaths, for accordingly, the universe had a shine for irony, and a taste for the theatrical.

The End

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