Breaking the law...Mature

Nadia stood up and smiled sheepishly. 'You ain't seen me do this, right!'

She opened another drawer and pulled out a shoe box which, Harry was surprised to discover, was completely filled with ID and credit cards. 'It's amazing what you can find in the pockets of donated and thrown away clothes,' she grinned. 'Lets see... credit cards, library cards, store loyalty cards... Here we are; ID cards. Now, what do we need? Council; no, Social; no, Education; no, Medical; yup!

She sat down on the bed again and put the laptop computer back onto her lap. 'Now you really, really haven't seem me doing this! Look away, good sir, or you may be drawn into my nefarious ill-doings.' She began to type again.

'Right, the Buslinthwaite General Hospital medical register. Logging in as Doctor A P Banerjee; ID number 163A4632, password...hmmm?'

'What are you doing,' Harry asked, looking horrified. 'You look like you're trying to hack into the local hospital data admissions database! You can't do that! And what if they trace the computer; you're gonna get into such trouble!'

'Harry, Harry! Just chill a moment. I know what I'm doing. I'm the archetypal nerd.' Nadia giggled, obviously enjoying herself. 'The first words I ever spoke were Fortran and Cobol programming language instructions and I was typing long before I could even work out how to use a pen! This is easy peasy stuff and I'm using a cascade of proxy servers plus a few of my own tweaks to hide my IP address, so there'll be no tracing this back to me. This is nothing like as difficult to get into as the NSA/CSS secure systems are. Here we go; 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and we're in!'

The screen cleared and Nadia was given a list of options to choose from. She navigated her way through a series of menus and then, finally...

'Aha. Here we are. Grace Evelyn Dawson. Born June 11 1976. Died November 15 2010. Cause of death; lot of jargon here but, reading between the lines, an overdose of over the counter Aspirin.'

'So, it looks like she probably did commit suicide, then. Or at least that's what the official line would be,' Harry reasoned out loud.

'Most definitely. Now, I just need to cover my tracks; delete access history and items in administrative logs... hmm... hmm... hmm... and we're out and still clean!.

Nadia gave a quick bow. 'I thank you. I thank you! Throw me no flowers, I only deal in negotiable currencies!'

'So what do we do now,' Harry asked. 'Any ideas?'

Nadia bit her lip for a moment. 'How about lunch,' she suggested.

Harry and Nadia perused the laminated menus helpfully provided by Burger Zone. 'What do you fancy then, Nade? My treat!'

'I dunno. I don't come here usually. What's the vegetarian options?'

'Umm. I don't think there's too much to choose from in here. It's mostly meat-based items, I think.' Harry looked disappointed, but then brightened. 'Look, here's the Fish Fantasy; no meat in that!'

'Still got eyes, so not for me thanks. Wait, there's a vegetable burger salad wrap; the Vegetarian Vision. That looks okay,' Nadia offered, helpfully.

'Excellent. Do you want fries with that,' Harry teased. 'And do you want to go Mega Sized?'

Nadia grinned back at him. 'Thanks, and no thanks, please. Fries but regular sized. I'm saving some room for the dessert. I truly love ice cream; I could eat it for every meal!

Harry laughed. 'So there is a typical girl in there after all; I'll bet you love chocolate too!'

'You bet your sweet ass I do,' Nadia agreed. 'As dark and as cocoa rich as I can get it!'

Harry fetched their order and sat down again at the window table they'd claimed earlier. 'Here we are. Two Cokes; one regular style, one cherry. One Beef Bonanza with fries. One Vegetable Vision, also with fries. One Apple Adventure and one Mega Sized icecream Choco Challenge.' He peered at the huge bowl of ice cream, questioningly. 'You fine with that, madam?'

Nadia nodded, already making a start on the fries and vegetable burger. 'Hungry,' she mumbled, between mouthfuls. 'I may be small in stature', she continued. 'But a brain like mine takes a lot of feeding!'

Nadia was half-way through her bowl of ice-cream when she suddenly stopped and shivered.

'Wassup, Nadia? Have you eaten too much ice-cream too fast? Or is there a draught or something?' Harry looked concerned. 'Do you want us to swap places or tables?'

'No. I don't think so'. Nadia suddenly looked uncomfortable. 'Harry; do you know the phrase 'Feeling like someone walked over your grave?'

'Yeah. Why, is that how you feel, hon?'

Nadia nodded. 'Mmmm.' She looked outside, searching the car park for something out of the ordinary.

'Look,' she said, pointing toward a black Porsche Carrera with heavily tinted windows. 'Can you make out the number of that car, please?'

'Okay.' Harry agreed. 'Just wait a minute, I'll find a pen and jot it down on a serviette.' He patted his pockets and quickly managed to find a well-chewed pencil. 'Right then, give me the numbers.'

'I don't think you'll need the paper,' Nadia told him. 'I've memorised the number already. It's SAM301, but the zero's been squared off to look like a D!'

Harry thought for a moment, then anxiously looked where Nadia was pointing. 'That could spell out Samedi, couldn't it?'

But Nadia had gone. She was already up on her feet and hurrying toward the exit door.

'Wait! Wait for me!' Harry pushed his chair away and sprinted after her. 'Nadia, please!'

Nadia had only managed to get outside the door when the Porsche began to move, quickly picking up speed and jagging sideways and back again to avoid a delivery moped and a clutch of giggling schoolgirls.

'Stop! Stop! Please stop!' She followed the car up to the entrance to the car park and then gave up, realising that there was no way she would be able to catch up with it.

Harry rejoined her at the gateway. 'Did you manage to catch up with him', he asked.

Nadia shook her head. 'No,' she said. 'But I think we can be sure that he knows that we know he was up to something.'

The End

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