a little baby named Bella

As i ran, i could smell the scent of blood.human blood. As i ran i could hear a baby's cry. Then i was her. She was tinny, and was about the size of a new born baby. I picked her up into my arms and ran back to the house.

first sight


As I hunted the smell of human blood burned in my throat. How strange. Humans never come to this park of the woods. I followed the scent and it led me to a car. It had crashed into a tree. The onily thing I saw was the baby girl on the back seat. She was screaming so loud people in seattle would be able to hear her. I pick her up trying to ignore the fact that she was covered in blood. I heard her mother mummble something.
"Please take good care of her" After she said that her hear fell silent. I didnt know what to do now but carslie might. I started to run back to the hose, not even lookeing where I was going. She was small, she had chocolate eyes, and brown hair.

The End

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