A light in the darkness.

This is something I just came up with, I might use it for a story idea though. Let me know if I should use it.

I woke up, all I remembered was hitting my head. I opened my eyes but I don't see anything, am I blind? no that can't be. I get up and shout "anyone there!?" no response. I check my bearings and see nothing then when I turned around and saw a light. Is this a tunnel, am I dead, is this the way to heaven? My curiosity got the best of me. I turned my body in the direction of the light and started running towards it. Helplessly I run towards the light as it seemed to get further and further away from me. I saw a flash in the corner of my eye, it was a large image of me as a baby floating in the air... The image chased me. It showed me being birthed, my first birthday, so on and so forth. They say that before you die your life flashes before your eyes. I must be dead, but I didn't hit my head that hard did I? It kept on speeding through my life, now it was showing my first day of school. I saw my mom, her deep blue eyes and brunette hair. She was crying, she must of been worried. I watched my father walk me to the bus as I kept on running towards the light.

It was me in 2nd grade I was so short back then. I was walking into class with my best friend, we were laughing about something. Then it sped to my first sleep over. It was 7th grade, there were a few girls there as  well. That was the night of my first kiss... Me and this really cute girl were dared to kiss, and I swear we were in love. It sped to my sophmore year. I was in the bathroom washing my hands. Some school bullies walked in I could tell they were looking for trouble. I got some paper towels and dried my hands, I tried walking out bu they blocked the path. "Where do you think you're going?" the biggest one said. I told them I was going to get back to class before the bell rang. The one on the left punched my in the face. I backed away and held back the pain. The one on the right charged at me, he threw his fist up aiming for me. I dodged and elbowed him in the back, I turned around and punched him in the chest just as he got to his senses. He fell down on his knees gasping for air.

The left one charged at me next, I tried the same thing on him but this time he dodged the counter blow. He kicked me in the back directly in the spine. I fell to the floor, I was paralyzed but only for a few moments. I heard his foot steps coming towards me, he was ready to kick me in the ribs but I stopped him with my hand. He got thrown onto the ground, and stayed there. "tough guy huh?" said the biggest one. He caught me by surprised as I turned around, and grabbed me by the neck. He held me in the air and choked me repeatedly punching me in the side of the face. Right when I was about to pass out he slammed me into the floor of the bathroom. I laid there gasping for whatever air my lungs could grasp. He picked me up once again and slammed my head against the sink, my blood splattering everywhere.

The image disappeared, I turned around to see how close I was to the light. It was right in front of me, a giant white glowing door. I stopped myself and looked up. Imprinted on the arch of the door said, "Those of who met an unfair death, enter". I heard a man clear his throat, I jumped since it took me by surprise. "Are you ready to enter Nick?" the guy wearing a white and gold cloak said, he looked a little old . "What is this place?" I asked. He laughed "If I had a nickel every time asked me that, it's  not Heaven if that's what your thinking". He waved his hand towards the door, and it opened wide. I peaked inside and was blinded by the sunlight.... 

The End

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