The wind on top of the water tower was chilly. He shuddered, he was freezing despite his heavy leather jacket. He rubbed his numb hands together, trying to restore some warmth and feeling to them. A gust of wind seemed to almost blow through him, causing another wave  of shivers to run through him. 

He looked down. Below him was the local cemetery, desolate and empty. It was a fairly long way down from up there. It's okay, he thought, wasn't this what he wanted all along? He took a deep breath, the cold air stinging his nostrils and his lungs. He stepped over the railing so he was standing on the outside edge of the tower, and held onto the railing with both hands. he closed his eyes and took another deep breath. All he had to do now was let go.


His eyes shot open and looked down below him. It was herWhy did she have to be the one to show up here?

"What are you doing here? Just go away!" He called down to her. He forced his eyes shut and tried to just wish her away.

"Craig! Get down from there!" It wasn't her speaking this time, but he didn't recognize the voice. He closed his eyes tighter and his hands gripped the railing until his knuckles whitened. He was so close to being free, and then they showed up.

"Craig! We can talk about this, please!" It was her calling to him again.

"No!", He shouted back down, "I'm done talking! Stop trying to pretend to care! Ever since it was you and him I've just bee-"

His feet slipped out from under him.

The End

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