Chapter 2

“Why I Didn’t Write Chapter 1”,

When mulling over the particulars of writing something so boring and mundane I considered if the average reader would take into account how someone lazy and uninteresting would put time into this. Therefore, I decided to set the tone of the entire novel by making it abundantly clear, I really feel no need to write this book, other than the sheer curiosity of whether or not the general populous will eat up this self-indulgent crap.

The average American, or the group this particular novel is aimed at, spends about 5 and a half hours every day in front of the television. That makes up an enormous amount of time that could spent probably doing something more productive. While I can understand why some might say that visual media is a more of a brain numbing time waste, I think the same thing applies to any form of escapism.

Now if you really stop for a minute to think about what it means as a human to live you'll encounter a few problems. If you choose to believe in a higher power that's all fine and dandy, you've got your path set in a self-defined direction. But for those who remain uninterested or uneducated on these idealistic viewpoints it becomes increasingly difficult for someone to tell the world around them that they know what they're doing. This isn't so much a question of career and education as it one about life itself. Everyone person will eventually die, whether it be due to a horrific bus accident, a casualty of war, or just being old, we all wither away and die. It's a depressing fact but one that's unignorable. Most people choose to forget about it, and just live life for the finer moments, which is an understandable and enviable mindset. But for the few people who sit around at night, with their minds racing, constantly processing the countless amounts of information life has presented them with, you're eventually faced with the question of a finite existence. I personally choose to look at it by saying that the time on this earth is enviable for some, and it be stupid to not enjoy it to the best of our abilities. There will be moments when you'll be knocked down and spat on, and left with feeling that there's no reason to get back up. But I digress, you'll find peace one day, with the world you live in, through whatever means you choose. I say be happy, and live the life you want to live, because it was given to you, there's no need to waste it.

I once met a man by the name of Rigby Short. I had been taking a walk away from home, the stress of the day had gotten to me, when I came across Rigby, sitting on a bench, staring at a half-eaten hot dog on the ground. He was a peculiar fellow, tall face, small body, messy hair, maybe late 40's. But he was well dressed, in a suit and tie, almost like he'd just walked out of a meeting with someone of importance. To this day I'm not sure whether it was me being nosy or trying to be compassionate, but I sat down next to him and introduced myself. I guess he was having a rough day because he then proceeded to tell me all about how he'd been fired not a few hours earlier from an office job that he'd been at for almost 12 years. "Budget cuts" he swore under his breath. I didn't hang around him for long, but I offered him my condolences. After that encounter my perspective shifted as I walked down the same sidewalk I'd walked almost a million times. So many people, all with different lives, they seem needlessly unimportant to me, but to them it's essential. No one person is alike someone else, and while we may be different, there are the lucky few who can find love in one another. It may seem facetious of me to say something like that but in reality it's the truth. There is a word that some people have coined, "sonder", for when you come to the realization that the world and people around is bigger than your little bubble. I find it curious that this thought occurs often enough to warrant having its own word.

Before you finish reading this chapter stop for a second and think about why. Why are you sitting down, wasting potential productive time, reading this repetitive and pretentious garbage? What I'm writing here is so unnecessarily existential that it might as well have been written by and over emotional teenager just hit with idea of the frailty of life. If you really must continue than that's fine, you're determined and I respect that. But do me a favor, don't take it too seriously. A lot of what I say is written just to provoke the ideas and emotions that there is more to life.

Hold out your hand, count your fingers. 5 on each hand. You don't really stop to think though how much you use your hands, at least not until they get damaged. After that you start to realize the things you could do before are just a little bit harder. While this may only apply to religious people, there is a verse in scriptures that say, "your body is a temple". And while that does have a spiritual meaning, you can also look at it to say how much you need your body. If you don't take care of it, you're not operating at 100%, and if you're not doing that, it can be painful. It's the facts of life, and eventually all of us will get old. But you can postpone that frailty, and it's certainly recommended you do so. Our physical bodies matter just as much as who we are, if you can't go out and do things what's the point of life.

The End

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