Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Geraint followed the rest of my siblings through the hospital doors. ‘Phil’s on his way with Chase. How’s Mum?’

I nodded. ‘Not good.’ I replied. ‘The nurse told me she’s in a state of shock. But it’s bad shock. She’s not going to be able to come home for a while.’ I told him whilst picking up Klara and giving her a hug.

‘Is Mummy going to be alright, Tally?’ she asked me.

‘Of course she is, but until she’s better, I’m going to look after you, okay?’ I gave her a big smile and pinched her cheek. Klara nodded and giggled.

I put her down again before sitting in the waiting room. I was getting so bored of this room. After sitting in one room for hours, you can only imagine how bored I was. ‘I’m going for a walk,’ I told Geraint. ‘Don’t lose anyone and if you need me I have my phone.’

Walking out into the fresh air was so relaxing. As soon as I wandered out the doors, a rush of wind caught me. It was such a nice September night. The stars were out in the sky and not a single cloud was to be seen. This was a perfect night. I walked over to a nearby bench and stared at the sky. It made me forget about everything. Well, it did until I got a text message. It was from Kyle. I might have known.

‘Hey Tall.’ it said. ‘I lied to you. I’m in love with someone but it’s not loz. I feel really weird around this person and that’s you. I would have said it to your face but you’re not home. We need to talk, face to face.’

‘Great,’ I said aloud, as if this day could get any worse.

‘Tallulah?’ I heard a voice that I recognised behind me. ‘We need to talk.’

It was that Ben boy again. ‘Will you stop doing that?’ I turned to see where he was.

‘Up here.’

I looked up to see he was in the tree above me. ‘What are you doing up there? Trying to spy on me or something?’

He just laughed. ‘No, not quite. I’m just looking out for you.’

‘Can you at least come down. I hate people being taller than me.’ I smirked. I’d only spoken to him a few times but he was starting to get on my nerves. Ben got down from the tree rather quickly. I guessed that he climbs trees a lot. ‘What?’

‘Give me your wrist.’ This wasn’t a request, it was an order.

I gave him a dodgy look but still did it. Everything in my life was dodgy at the moment. ‘What are you going to do to me?’

‘It won’t hurt.’ He gazed up at me. ‘I promise.’

I nodded reluctantly. Ben just stared at me for a minute or so before looking back at my wrist. He seemed to be just looking at it and not doing anything. After a while he said, ‘It’s beginning.’

I was so totally confused. ‘What’s beginning? What are you talking about?’ When he didn’t answer, I repeated ‘Beginning of what?!’ I almost shouted.

‘Your new life,’ was his answer.

Still confused, I stood up. ‘My new life?’ I was looking down on Ben. He lifted his head up to look at me and then stood up. I never realised how tall he was until now. I barely came up to his chin. ‘How do you mean new? I know my life is pretty confusing at the moment but I don’t want a new one.’

Ben looked down on me. ‘Your new life with me and everyone like me.’

‘Whoa, slow down there mister.’ I sat back down. ‘Who are you?’ I paused. ‘Or rather what are you? Why do you keep following me? I’m not that special you know. I’m 16 and from Britain!’

At this, he laughed. ‘But you are special. I wouldn’t be here otherwise.’ His face then turned serious. ‘As I am a sophomore, it’s my job to make sure you get there and settle into your new life.’

I jumped up, nearly bashing my head into Ben’s chin. ‘There is no way I’m going with you anywhere.’ I turned and walked back towards the hospital.

‘You can’t run forever you know!’ Ben called after me.

I spun round to shout something at him, but he had disappeared again. Shaking my head I wandered back into the hospital, where I could now see Phil had arrived with Chase. My littlest brother walked up to me and held his arms up. ‘He’s walking now?’ I asked Phil, in surprise.

Phil chuckled. ‘Learnt this morning,’ he replied. He seemed in such a good mood for someone who’s partner had just gone into hospital. ‘How’s your mum?’ he asked me suddenly.

I just shrugged. My mind wasn’t working properly.

All of a sudden, thunder crashed outside. Inside, there were people everyone. Some were children with broken fingers etc but others were like us, waiting. Waiting to see loved ones. I couldn’t wait to see Mum. Mum made me feel special and loved, as if Dad were still around. I knew he was never going to come back. He sometimes visited me in dreams. He normally said ‘Just be yourself, Tally. Don’t let anyone push you around and make you change. You’re my little girl and nothing in the world is going to change that.’ He used to say that to Mum too.

I looked up, only to notice that everyone was staring at me. ‘What?’

‘Umm, not sure how to say this Tally,’ Terri began.

‘But,’ carried on Jenny. They often did that. ‘You’ve gone rather pale and you’re crying.’

I just looked at them weirdly. ‘Don’t be silly. I never cry.’ This was when I felt the tears dripping down my cheeks. Okay, even I had to admit that I was crying.

Phil looked over at me. ‘Go to the loos and get yourself cleaned up.’

I simply nodded and made my way to the toilets. In hospitals, the toilets always seemed clean but never really were because it’s a hospital. These toilets definitely smelt of hospital. It smelt of disinfectant and soap. I took a glance in the mirror and had to do a double take. The others were right. I was really pale. Maybe it was just the stress of Mum being in hospital, Kyle loving me and Ben stalking me. It couldn’t be anything else really.

The door opened behind me. I swung round, expecting it to be one of my sisters. No one was there. ‘Weird,’ I said to myself quietly. I brushed my hair back behind me shoulders. It was starting to get on my nerves. I turned back to the mirror and saw a figure behind me. I jumped. Ben had appeared again.

‘You can’t be in here!’ I turned and pushed him into a cubicle. I followed him in and shut the door behind me. ‘What are you doing here?! This is a girls bathroom.’

‘Rest room actually and this is rather close.’ Ben said whilst looking down at me.

He was right. We were extremely close. I looked up, my face almost touching his. ‘I don’t really care at the minute. My mother is in hospital, my best mate just told me that they love me and you followed me into the girls bathroom! And anyway, you can’t be seen in here.’ His eyes were so soft and beautiful, I found it hard to get all of that out.

Ben just smiled. ‘I like it when you get angry.’ He gave a small chuckle. ‘And anyway,’ he mimicked me. ‘No one else is in here. No one would need to know I was here.’

I leant against the door, away from him. ‘That’s not the point.’

‘Look,’ he took my hand and squeezed it. ’I know this is bad timing, but it’s not my fault. I was sent to get you.’ Just then, he realised he was holding my hand, he let go suddenly. ’It’s not my fault,’ he repeated.

‘I know,’ I simply said. I knew it wasn’t Ben’s fault. In fact, a part of me felt like it was my fault. I knew it wasn’t but it felt as if it were. My heart was telling me it wasn’t but my head was telling me it was. ‘Who sent you?’ I suddenly asked.

‘Our leader, Lady Gainell. She is wise and you have been chosen to join us.’ He smiled at me.

‘Leader? And who is us exactly?’

‘Yes, leader. And we are a creature that many people are attracted to. We use our beauty to eat, also our powers.’

I purely laughed at him. ‘What are you? Some sort of vampire?’ I asked jokingly.

‘Yes as a matter of fact.’

The End

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