Chapter 3

Chapter 3

‘Tall?’ A knock came at my door. I’d had no idea how long I’d been asleep but it must have been a while as it was dark outside. Klara, my youngest sister, poked her head round my door.

‘Yeah, darling,’ I said sleepily. ‘Come on in.’ I loved Klara to bits. She was the cutest little thing. She’d only just started middle school, as they call it here. Klara was by far my favourite sibling. I loved doing her hair in the morning if I have time, a bit like a human Barbie doll. ‘What is it?’

‘Mum’s crying and I don’t like it.’ This time she came into my room and closed the door behind her.

I sat up and beckoned her over. ‘Come here.’ Klara walked over and sat beside me. I gave her a big hug. ‘I’m sure Mum is crying because she’s happy. Like you giggle when you’re happy.’ I tickled her.

‘Stop it Tall,’ she managed to say through her giggles. ‘That tickles.’

I laughed at her. She was the cutest little thing ever to walk the earth. I could tell that when she’s older, she’s going to have all the boys chasing after her if she didn’t already. But all the time I was trying to cheer up Klara, I kept thinking about Mum and if she really had been crying.

After a while, Klara began to start falling asleep. I smiled at her as she lay on my bed. I picked her up and carried her into her room. I tucked her in, kissed her forehead and then left her to sleep in peace. I’d love to be her, not a care in the world. No boys, no friends who talked about boys, no bullies, no plastics who think their better than everyone. Oh, I would give anything for a life like that. I thought I’d check on everyone else before I went to get something to eat and then to sleep myself.

Jenny and Terri were sound asleep in their room. As twins, they had the same duvet cover so I couldn’t tell who was who. They still had their lamp on. I switched it out before going to Demetrius. Demetrius was still up as per usual. I just put my ear to the door to make sure his TV was on. If it was, this was a good sign. I would have got worried if it wasn’t. I didn’t bother checking on Geraint. He was probably on his computer and he was too old for me to be poking my nose in. I already knew that Klara was asleep. Chase had probably been asleep for hours, as toddlers normally sleep a lot.

I found a bit of leftover lasagne in the fridge so I heated it up and ate it as quick as I could, trying not to think of anything so I could get to sleep again quicker. The lasagne was only warm when I took it out the microwave but I didn’t really care. I just wanted to get to sleep again and forget this whole day.


I woke the next morning with a stiff in my neck. There was something different about this morning. No screaming children woke me up. Instead I woke up to silence. This was extremely odd. There was normally someone shouting or stomping up the stairs because they didn’t get their favourite cereal.

I clambered out of bed. Yesterday seemed like a dream, as if it never happened. I was so hoping it never happened. That a random guy turned up at my door and that my best friend is gay. I tried to convince myself it was a dream. It started to work until I got downstairs.

All the others were either round the dining table or sitting at the breakfast bar. There was a space next to Klara and Terri for me, I guessed. I went and sat in-between them. ‘What’s going on?’ I asked Terri.

‘Mum and Phil are fighting so me and Jen told everyone to be on their best behaviour for Mum. We thought it was best,’ Terri explained to me. She shrugged and smiled.

‘Thanks, Terri,’ I said. I was glad that the girls were taking responsibility. Soon, I was off to college and wouldn’t be here to keep things in order. Geraint certainly wasn’t going to do it, so it was up to the twins now.

Soon, we all were out the door and on our way to school. I turned the corner at the end of our road, trailing behind the others, and felt a hand on my arm. ‘Get off of me,’ I began to say but it came out as ‘Gerooff me.’

‘Tallulah, we need to talk.’ It was that Ben guy again. ‘We need to talk.’

I raised one eyebrow at him, even though you couldn’t see it through my fringe. ‘In case, you haven’t noticed I have a school to go to.’ I turned from him and began to walk.

Ben was suddenly standing infront of me. ‘We need to talk,’ he repeated but this time his voice was stern. He never look from me. I noticed his eyes had turned red. They were brown yesterday. He must be wearing contacts.

‘Look, Ben,’ I pulled my hand away from his grip. ‘I really need to go to school.’

‘It’s what Kyle said to you yesterday, isn’t it?’ Ben spoke after me and I started to walk away again.

I paused in mid walk. I turned to find out that he was gone. No one could move that quickly. Okay, maybe Ben could but no one at school could. Hold on one cotton picking minute! How on earth did he know what Kyle had said to me last night?! He was no where near my house, as far as I know. I decided to ignore what had just happened and carried on walking to school.

When I eventually got to school, Kyle was waiting for me by the gate. I smiled at him and gave him a hug to greet him. ‘How are you feeling this morning?’ I asked.

He shrugged. ‘Could be better, but definitely better than I was yesterday. Which I haven’t properly thanked you for. Thank you for listening. I don’t know what I would do without you.’ He gave me another hug. I couldn’t really do anything except hug back.

‘Come on, Frankie saved us some seats in home room.’ Kyle took my hand and dragged me off. I only briefly looked back and saw Ben. Ben was standing opposite the school watching me and Kyle walking off to home room. He suddenly turned and moved away from the school. When he was watching us, I could feel his stare. It was stinging. It was like it was meant to hurt me in some way but didn’t.

Our first lesson of the day was history and our history teacher was teaching us about mythical creatures that were believed to be among humans in the early centuries. I raised my hand in order to ask a question. ‘Is there anything about vampires and werewolves, Miss?’ I asked politely. I love all this sort of stuff. It’s so exciting.

‘Of course there is Tallulah,’ Miss Graham replied. ‘There are many folk tales about how many human kept disappearing over the course of ten years and no one could explain them. A few were found with bite marks in their neck. Many believed them to be put there by a vampire. Others were found with scratch marks all over them, claimed to be werewolf scratches.’ She sat down at her desk. ‘Though none of these were proven, many still believed that vampires and werewolves were the main culprits.’

I raised my hand again. ‘So are there still vampires around today?’

Miss Graham shrugged. ‘Who knows?! These stories are folk legend and have been passed down from generation to generation.’

‘According to these legends, what do the vampires look like?’ I asked. This subject was interesting.

‘Just like normal people but seem much prettier and attractive. Pale skin, any skin colour and the males are said to be well built. Each have their own special ability, such as mind reading. Their eyes are also said to change colour due to their mood.’

I nodded. I never knew any of this stuff. ‘Cheers, Miss.’

She smiled. ‘For your homework, you will have to do research and write a diary extract as if you were a vampire or a werewolf, you choose, and say that you either did or didn’t kill those people. I need something interesting and thrilling. Surprise me.’

The rest of the day was pretty boring. The bell for the end of the day went and I hurried out. I think this was the first time in my life that I was eager to do homework. Miss Graham was an awesome teacher. She was only 22 and had just got her teaching degree. She was by far my favourite teacher.

I seemed to get home quicker than usual today. It didn’t really bother me as I was eager to get home anyway. Mum was working from home today so I went to check on her first. She was sat in the study, or that’s what I thought. I knocked on the door and when no answer came I opened the door.

I saw Mum sat at her desk. She looked limp as if she had energy sucked out of her. ‘Mum?’ Slowly I walked over to her and tapped her shoulder. No response. It was like she was in some sort of trance. ‘Mum?’ I said again, hoping to get at least one thing out of her. Still nothing.

‘Phil!’ I called out. Again, nothing. Maybe he wasn’t home from work yet. He may be working late. ‘Phil!’ I tried again. There was only one thing for it. Call an ambulance. I grabbed my phone from my bag and dialled the number. The women on the other end told me not to worry and not to move Mum, no matter what. I did as she said until the ambulance arrived.

The End

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