A Life Of A Tallulah

Okay, where to start….. I think I’ll start with my name. Hi, my name is (and don’t laugh) Tallulah. (You laughed, didn’t you?!) Anyway, you can call me what ever you want really, within reason of course. My parents call me Tallulah, the guys seem to drag out my full name. my girlfriends call me everything, Tallulah, Tally, girlfriend, babes and things like that. It’s sometimes a little confusing being called different things. I hate it when my teachers can’t pronounce my name properly! You do not realise how easy it is to pronounce my name, but no! Some people still get it wrong. It’s like, speak properly!

Anyway, I’m getting off the subject here. If I do that, just ignore me. Oh, and one thing that may be useful, I am a vampire. And no I’m not one of those pale skinned, human eating vampires. I’m what some would call a veggie vamp. Well, I wasn’t a vampire until a few months ago. I still don’t know half the stuff that I can do and have been blessed with. Vampires have a different culture and way of life. Up until a few months ago, I didn’t even know vampires existed in our world. Now I know they’re all around…

Chapter One

‘I didn’t do it! Terri did!’ Jenny screamed from the top of the stairs. Great, nothing like a little sister to wake you up in the morning.

‘No, I didn’t! I bet it was Demetrius,’ Terri shouted as she stomped down the stairs.

‘Guys, would you give it a rest?!’ I slowly sat up and rubbed my forehead. Going to that party was such a bad idea, especially on a school night. If only I had listened to my mother. But then again, if I had then I would be out of the gossip that happened and I do not want that to happen. Mind you, I’m normally part of the gossip so I won’t miss out.

I heard a knock on my door. ‘Tallulah Margot Vuze! Get up this instant! You’re going to be late, again!’ I groaned and swung my legs out of my bed. Did it have to be a Thursday?! Thursday was the worst day ever in school history! First lesson was Science. Science with Mr Ingrid isn’t that bad actually. Second and third is double maths! Even the geeks admit that’s bad. Fourth is PE and fifth is PE theory.  Told you Thursday’s were bad.

What was I going to wear today? It had to be the best outfit ever. I tell you it’s really hard going to school in America. Being British really doesn’t help either. Oh, didn’t I mention that?! Well, I am British. My family moved to Happy Valley and yes it is actually called that. For those of you less educated, it’s in Alaska, look it up. Back on task, what to wear. Slowly, and I mean slowly, I gathered up my strength and made my way over to my dressing table. I groaned as I looked in the mirror. My hair was a total mess. I totally forgot to put my hair up last night. My hair goes totally messy if I don’t put it up.

Another knock came at my door. This time my mother entered. ‘Tallulah! Honestly! What am I going to do with you young lady?’ Despite her shouting, I really did love my mum, even if she has terrible taste in boyfriends. My dad died when I was two. Ever since then, my mum has been on the move from boyfriend to boyfriend. None of them ever stayed more than two years. I’m the oldest of seven. I think the twins are the only ones that have the same dad. My mum doesn’t mean to be a slut, I know that. I trust my mum with my life, and all my brothers and sisters.

‘Thanks Mum,’ I smiled into the mirror as she started to brush my hair. I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. ‘Mum, what’s that on your arm?’ I turned round to face her.

‘It’s nothing darling. I caught my arm on the kitchen cabinet.’ She tried to cover up her bruise but I knew what was really going on.

‘Mum, is he hurting you again? I thought you said he’d stopped.’ But then again when did the new boyfriend, Phil, ever tell the truth about anything. ‘The only reason you’re with that guy is because he has a roof and money.’ I could tell that I’d flicked a switch as Mum closed her eyes and tried to calm down.
‘I know Hunny,’ she replied. ‘All of us need this at the moment. I should have told you earlier.’ She sat down. This was a bad sign. ‘We’re having money trouble and I don’t know how long until the little ones have to be taken away. I don’t have enough money to look after you all.’ She sighed. ‘I’m sorry Tally. You’re old enough to know this stuff now. Phil is our life line, darling.’

‘Oh Mum,’ I smiled slightly. ‘I’d wish you told me earlier.’ I got up and walked over to my bed where she was sitting and gave her a hug. She had tried so hard in the past to get us to stay together as a family, even if it meant staying with horrible men.

‘Right, get ready for school,’ Mum quickly dried her eyes before leaving the room. I turned around to look at my clock. Holy Mother Of Jesus! Mum was right, I had ten minutes to get dressed and looking decent. How was I going to do that?! Okay, chequered skirt with matching jacket. Red top and boots. Sorted. I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. Geraint, Jenny and Terri were ready to leave. I grabbed a bit of toast of the table and screamed, ‘Bye Mum,’ as I went out the door with the others.

I couldn’t wait to get to school and see everyone, especially Chelsea.  Apparently, she and Jason were getting close last night. I want to hear all the gossip, but as we came up to school, something caught my eye. A boy was standing on the opposite side of the street staring at me. I tried to ignore him, though it was extremely hard.  I stopped before actually entering school and turned to look at him. He had blonde hair and dark eyes. From what I could tell, he was quite tall and defiantly well built. He gave me a quick smile before disappearing behind a corner. I shook my head before walking into school.

Throughout the day I learnt many things, none of which  had anything to do with the lessons. Iris had broken up with her boyfriend at the party last night after she caught him cheating on her with some slut from the year below. Chelsea and Jason really got it on last night and Chelsea was giggling all through Maths at Jason sitting over the other side of the room. But the image of the strange guy on the street kept popping into my head that I couldn’t concentrate properly at anything. It was just the way he smiled at me. It made me feel special. Anyway, who was I kidding? He probably wasn’t looking at me, I mean why would he? I’m ugly and can be a mean bitch at times. At least I can admit it!

The end of school finally came and I walked out school with Chelsea, who was going on about Jason, Kyle, Iris (who was still sulking and not talking to anyone), Ed and Lawrence. Penny and Frankie had some after school thing for Food Technology. I’m not sure what they call it over here but I know it’s different to what Britons call it. That was when I saw him again. I was simply talking to Lawrence about baseball when I saw him. I stopped suddenly, causing Kyle to bump into the back of me.

‘Tally? You okay?’ Kyle nudged me in the back.

All I could do was nod and look at this boy. I noticed that he’d changed clothes. This morning he was wearing all black, now he was in jeans and a red shirt. To be honest I was quite attracted to him. I then felt my mouth curl into a smile. He smiled back and winked before disappearing again into the distance. I could hear a voice calling my name and I wandered if it were him. ‘Tallulah? Tallulah?’ I turned my head to see that it was Ed. ‘What’d wrong with you Tally? You look like you’ve seen an angel or something.’

‘I did,’ I replied before walking off. Hold on, what was wrong with me? An angel? Was I out of my mind? I wanted to know who that boy was and what he was doing staring at me all the time. I hadn’t done anything wrong as far as I know. I hurried home, careful that I didn’t see him again. When I looked at him I felt like a hole in my heart had been filled, the hole that my dad left when he died. If he hadn’t have died then my life might have been different. I don’t blame dad for dying, I couldn’t do that. I just wish that sometimes he would visit me, maybe in my dreams but somehow. I believe that his spirit is still out there and looking for Mum and me.

I finally got into my room, I dropped my bag and lay on my bed. I lay there, staring at the ceiling. I didn’t think, I just stared. Okay, I know that sounds a little weird but trust me, it helps me calm down. My mobile started to ring. I bet you anything it was one of the guys and sure enough it was Kyle. I stared at it for a few seconds and then answered, ‘Hey Kyle. What’s up?’

‘What was wrong Tally?’ He sounded concerned. ‘You just ran off.’

‘I’m sorry. I just have a lot on my mind at the minute.’ Like that boy, I added in my head.

‘Oh, okay. Well, we’ve been mates for a long time now. Okay, ever since you moved here, but you do know you can tell me anything, don’t you?’

‘Of course I do Kyle. You’re my best mate, why would I keep stuff from you?! Anyway, how are things with you?’ I couldn’t but be concerned for him.

‘The usual. Mum and Dad won’t stop fighting.’ He paused. ‘It’s really doing my head in. Do you mind if I come over for a bit? I need to get out the house.’

‘Yeah sure. You’re always welcome in our house, as my Mum would say.’ I laughed. ‘I’ll see you soon.’

‘Yeah, thanks Tally.’ Kyle then hung up.

I flipped the lid on my phone. I had known Kyle since I moved here a few months ago. He lives just down the road so he would be here any second. To be quite honest I didn’t really care what I looked like at the minute. Kyle had seen me worse than nice and that didn’t seem to bother him.

A knock came at the door. I was sure that was him. ‘I’ll get it,’ I cried as I climbed down the stairs. I combed my hair down before opening the door. ‘Hey.’ Then I properly looked. It wasn’t Kyle. It was that boy.

The End

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