A life

Sigh, I am incredibly lazy.. Well that too, but also working terrible hours each week, making it impossible for me to flesh out good characters and write stories. Believe me , I want to.

Anyway I feel atleast its better to write something than not write at all. Hence this format. C'est la vie

He was born on the 13th day
the time at birth was 13:13
joyous day it was supposed to be
yet no one was even celebrating

All his life blame would befall
whenever situations went awry
misfortunes were attributed to him
even when it didn't even apply

He grew up believing he was at fault
his existence the cause of such misery
while outsiders perhaps understandable
what he couldn’t forgive was his family

Destined to spend his life alone
fate awarded him a chance meeting
The woman an angel from his dreams
Could the clouds of misfortune finally lifting?

They met, they married, lived their life
Those days were the happiest he had ever been
He loved to show those detractors now
from whom he had spent his life avoiding

Alas, the moment perhaps was fleeting
in an accident she was taken away
His detractors returned with a vengeance
and blamed him for his dismay

Literature and signs he burnt away
blaming god, the heavens for his sorrow
How could they have been so unkind to him?
Leave him with no hopes for tomorrow

HE wandered the earth a savage man
cruel to every man, woman and beast
He wanted them to feel his suffering
to atone for the crimes, make him at peace

Vengeful, but unsated he came upon a shrine
where a single man sat giving vigil
He smiled gravely when questioned about this
He said he had some obligations to fulfil

Everything happens for a reason he said
The hardest part was trying to live
He would gladly trade places with his wife
But then her loneliness could he ever forgive?

Life is a season that ebbs and flows
you weather the storms and the pleasant spring
You give thanks for the wonderful summer
and appreciate the winter though the misery it brings

Now the man bid him goodbye with a smile
"It's time for you to take my place"
Keep the good memories alive in here
and help those souls that fate has misplaced

The End

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