A Letter to You


    I should start by saying that I don't really know you, nor do you know me.  However, if any of the scant details contained in this letter inspire you to reply, then you are, in fact, the intended recipient of this correspondence. 

    This might seem slightly odd that I'm writing to you in this way, but I have reason to believe that you may be able to fill in some blanks to a rather compelling story that I've recently been made aware of.  

    I am currently the caretaker in a sort of mental facility that houses some rather colorful characters.  Most of what I know about these characters is fully the product of over active imaginings, I have no doubt.  None the less, a story was recently conveyed to me that seems to have some solid connection to actual events.  The bizarre part to my mind, is that these events have some bearing on my life; and yours.  

    This character, whom I shall refrain from naming at this time, is quite detached from reality, I'm afraid.  He is only able to make himself understood through infrequent fits of rambling, incongruous soliloquy.  

    All I am able to tell you at this point, is that somewhere in the world, there is a child, a girl, barely older than an infant.  She is living in squalor and poverty.  She is somehow connected to my late wife, who had no children, and to someone you are acquainted with.

    I apologize for the lack of detail, but if any of this strikes a chord of familiarity with you, please respond via this same milieu so that we may together reveal the cause of what I feel is a preventable tragedy in the life of this young girl.  

Your's Truly.

The End

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