Liar Liar, Don't Cry On My ShoulderMature

There is one thing I hate more than a backstabber; and that is a liar. I can not stand either one. I think I told you about twelve billion times that I am a horrible person. I know that everyone in our group calls me a bitch behind my back. Thing is, I don't care, because I know it. I know that I'm a bitch.

But I would never lie to or backstab someone. Unless they've done it to me first. See, I like to call it revenge. Some may think I'm monstrous but honey you deserved what you got.

You tell people my secret because you think that you're 'helping' me. I don't think you realised that I knew I had mental problems. I didn't need your so called help when its been months now and I'm still the same person.

You on the other hand, are different. I told you once that if you told my secret I would tell yours. You still believed that I was a nice person. I pulled you into a false sense of security. I made you think that I was fine with you telling my secret and then BAM.

Yes I told your secret. Because I asked you if you had told my secret and you said no. I asked you multiple times and you said no. I can not believe you would do something like that. You betrayed me and I was never going to let that go and you should have listened to my warnings before you did what you did.

You tried to forgive me after I told your secret. I don't think you understood. When I told your secret, I was done being friends with you.

Four years ago, a girl I was friends with stabbed me in the back multiple times and so I went behind her back with something and then ended the friendship in a very dramatic way and we are no more than acquaintances now.

I've told you this.

Stop trying to be my friend.

I'm literally done with you.

You are a liar.

And if you want to lie then fine go ahead. Just not to me.

We aren't friends anymore.

The End

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