I Am Begging YouMature

Please, Inspiration, I am begging you- please give me something.

Whether it be to write any number of my stories including the collaboration which we've had to put off for a while.

I just can't write at the moment.

I've tried listening to all the different types of music that have given me inspiration in the past. I've treid listening to new music including- I hate to say it- techno music.

The only thing I've gotten from you, Inspiration, is the means to write these crappy letters.

I've tried sitting down with a cup of tea, trying to write something, anything- I don't care.

I just end up sitting there an hour later with nothing but whatever I had written days and even weeks ago.

I don't know what to do.

Is this the dreaded writers block?

It's bloody killing me because I live to write and I love to write. It gives me peace and makes me happy- which not many things can do these days.

Especially when people say they don't know who Gandalf is.

Ok, so death metal music may be hard to extract inspiration from.

I can't help it if screamo is and always has been the only good music.


Wow, so halfway through this, I think inspiration finally swooped down and knocked me over.

I have some ideas! But, Inspiration, you came at the worst freaking time.

I'm having a conversation or two on Viber.

So, maybe if you come back in about half an hour?


Why thankyou!


The End

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