A Letter To HimMature

Dear Him,

I know you know me.

I know you know that we are so alike.

I just find it really sad that we don't ever talk.

Remember that time that we talked for an hour straight on Facebook?

That was pretty much the first andlast time I had ever been on Facebook for more than five minutes.

We talked mostly about music.

I'm never going to forget your favourite song. Wild Eyes by Parkway Drive.

You know, Idols and Anchors wasn't really my favourite song by them. I wa just so happy that we were finally talking that I would have said that I was into Ed Sheeran if you said that you were.

(I actually do like Parkway Drive though, just so you know)

I picked you first when I was team captain at the mobile laser skirmish down at the ag plot that time. I didn't really know you.

I don't think you really knew who I was.

Then one time I beat you in the same laser skirmish when it was one on one.

I think that moment, when I first looked into your eyes and shot you down and when you saw that a girl- a girl who seemed to be so prissy at first sight had beaten you at your game.

I couldn't stop thinking about you that night. I literally could not get to sleep.

Then I saw how good you could draw. You're like freaking Picasso or someone. Amazing.

It was about a month after that when you said 'Hey' to me on Facebook.

And so came about the hour long conversation.

You and your custard and icecream.

You telling me that we were now best friends because we both liked Bring Me The Horizon and Parkway Drive.


Fast forward to the last day of term last year.

I was standing in front of you and I ruined everything.

I panicked.

I didn't want you to know that I was completely in love with you because I was afraid.

A friend of yours told me that she was trying to get us together. I didn't know that it was because you had just said that you would go out with me just seconds before I came over.

But I panicked and stuttered and stumbled over my words trying to say no.

My heart dropped when I looked at your face.

You were first looking up, happy but now you were looking at the ground.

You were just drawing in the dirt.

People say I have no heart. People say I'm such a bitch but with all the crap that had been put on me and after I saw yourface.... thats where my heart went.

I haven't talked to you since then but the weirdest thing happened today.

I was listening to the songs on my phone. I was listening to about 40 songs in the one playlist.

Out of every single song that could of played- as soon as you walked into the room, Wild Eyes started playing.

I don't think you saw me.

But I was watching you that whole time and then again- at lunch I turned on my phone and about halfway through lunch, you walked past-

Wild Eyes.

I don't know.

Probably just a coincidence.

It's not like you're ever going to see this anyway.

The End

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