Dear That One Person Who Is Ignoring Me Right NowMature

You should know who you are.

I'm so sick of all your shit.

I swear to God, if you ever try to become my friend again, I will scream at you and scream at you until you realise that I'm never going to trust you again.

First it was us two sitting at lunch waiting for our group.

Then they walk right past us and ignore us and sit down somewhere else. yet you still talk to one of those who assumes that I'm the one who's creating the problem. Who assumes that I'm the one who is ruining our group or whatever the fuck you want to call it.

I don't care.

Then the next day I get to school before you and sit with our friends. They ignore me completely. It's like I don't even exist. No hello. No 'hi Cindy, how are you today?'

You get to school.

You get a hello.

You get the person who assumed it was my fault that all this ignorance was happening to say hello to you even when she was ignoring me too.

I tell you with explicit words how sick of this ignorance I was.

You didn't really answer.

I made sure you knew it was just like what happened in year 7 all over again.

You didn't really answer.

You just stood there looking unappy.

I made a vow to myself after you didn't answer me. I made a vow that I was't going to talk all day. I was going to see who talked to me. No one. Not even you. Not even the you who was so sad at being excluded the day before.

Does it really take me to say something to be talked to? Do I really have to start the conversation? So I decided to take the test further. I sat somewhere else at recess and lunch. Alone. Did anyone notice that I was gone? No?

Now, I'm not a quiet person. My family could tell you that. And to you Protagonizers: I barely stay quiet at home.

But, person who should know that this is addressed at, that first day was ok.

I went home, went back to school this morning at 7:40 am because my brother had an excursion and waited. I waited for you guys to show up. I was going to talk to you guys and see what was going on.

What do you do but go and sit somewhere else. I know you saw me. I saw your eyes find me. Oh thats right, pretend that your cold so you want to sit in the sun. I know you. I know that you don't get cold much at all, specially on a 33 degree day.

Every single one of our friends join you. After yesterday, I felt like crying at this. Did no one notice me?

I'm the one with purplish reddish brownish hair, skull headphones and blasting Parkway Drive and the Amity Affliction on my phone at the top volume. Its hard not to notice that one of your friends is sitting near you.

Its ok, just ignore me. Its natural for you anyway.

So, about a year ago, you called my room a shoebox and said some pretty rude things about my house. Then in the next few months, you broke my thumbdrive which had the only copy of my 13 thousand word story that I had been working on for months. (my laptop was getting fixed so I had to take all my stuff off it)

I never got that story back.

I forgave you though, because believe it or not, I'm a nice person.

But when you sit in my seat in roll call like I don't even exist and walk off without me and forget about me and laugh and pretend that I'm not even there. Bitch I got mad. And sad. Sad that my closest friend was ignoring me. So I went and asked the teacher for a tissue because a stick hit me and the face and my eyes were watering.

No it was actually because you were being so rude that I was almost crying.

You know how when you're sad and someone asks you if you're alright and then you just start crying because you can't stop it because something actually is wrong? Yeah. Thats what you made happen.

So you saw me crying. I know you did. You looked right at me. You looked at me and then turned to your bitch of a friend who thinks that she can control everything just because she's the only one of us that has a boyfriend and started laughing about something that I don't know and I don't care about right now.

Well thanks for caring.

Anyway. there is more but I don't want to spend any more of my time wasted on you.

I just want you to know that if you see this, I've unfanned you on protagonize so you know who you are (don't worry, if you don't know me personally its not you)

I just want you to know that I'm done with you.

I'm not sorry.

From Cindy.


The End

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