Love Thy Brothers and SistersMature

The subject of race had always been interesting for me. Not only did I not understand racism, but I completely understood the motives behind it. A portion of hatred for race, gender, sexuality and all that jazz has to do with the fear of not knowing. Most people who shun others usually have no idea what that certain person is like in any sense, except for maybe the rumors spread about that person.

In Catholic school, we were taught that all of mankind originated from Adam and Eve. I used to think this was the case, until I learned about the theory of evolution. I still sort of doubt the theory of evolution as much as I doubt the story of Adam and Eve, but that's a different story entirely.

The whole story of Adam and Eve basically says that they had children and populated the earth. It's speculated that they were from Mesopotamia, which is the present-day Middle East.

What I never understood was how anyone could be racist if we all came from Adam and Eve? Not only does that me we are all part of the same family, but we are also of the same race. My parents and I have argued over this, saying how there are multiple races on this Earth, so that racism can exist.

Ignoring all the factors of race, religion, culture and such, we all forget one thing: we are all human, meaning that we are all living. We all have ears, eyes, limbs, a brain, a heart and emotion. Whether or not we can use all of our five senses doesn't mean that we all can't feel.

So then why is it that we harm each other with words and actions? It doesn't make sense. Although I do not believe so strongly in the Bible's teachings as I used to, I still believe in Jesus' teaching:

This is my commandment, that you love one another as I love you.

When I was younger, I used to think that it would be nice if everyone joined hands and sat in a circle and sing along to someone playing songs from the missal on guitar. Now, I think about how ridiculous that is, considering how many wars this world has been through and how we pitted ourselves against each other. But I still think it would be nice if the world was calmer than it is now.

The End

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