I woke up this morning

A poem addressed to someone specific.


A poem to G-D

Dear G-D I opened my eyes this morning

And asked myself what am I expected to do todayi

Better than what I had done yesterday

I walked down the street

I had seen a special tree that has beautiful red leaves

Then, I saw my blind neighbor

Describing him this unique tree

He thanked me happily

And I understood what a lucky person I am that I can see this beauty

I went home to help my children get ready to school

I hugged each and one of them

Then it hit me again

What a lucky person I am that I can hug my kids

For this and much more than that

I would like to thank you warmly

From the bottom of my heart

For everything you gave me.

Then, I started singing quietly

What can i give in return to G-D

For all his kindness to me.

The End

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