A letter from Wilfred.

Sort of fanfiction. A short letter from Wilfred Mott to The Doctor a year or two after he'd last seen him.

Dear Doctor,

It’s quiet now. That’s the best way I can describe it. After winning, well I should say, after they were given that lottery money, Donna and Shaun bought me and Minnie a bungalow just outside Chiswick. It’s nice but not much goes on round here anymore. I still go up to my old allotment and I’ve got a better telescope now, a Celestron Astromaster 114EQ, But I aint seen anything with it. Nothing of importance, nothing to tell me you’re still up there. The sky’s full of stars again, but every night I sit up on that hill and look for the brightest one that’s still missing.
 Donna’s taking good care of us though, mind. She might not shine as much as she did when she was with you, but sometimes I can see a few sparks you left, in her. I thought she’d gone back to how she was before she’d met you, but she hasn’t. She’s stronger. Sometimes I look at her and I think she knows. I aint told her anything, don’t worry; I just think she’s starting to believe she’s capable of more. And you and I both know she is. Donna says she wants to see more of the world, I just sometimes wish she could remember the parts of the universe that she has. I’m not lying when I say things were better when you were around. Even with all those aliens and ruddy daleks, it was better. The Silver Cloak is still going, we still keep our eyes peeled for anything that might be to do with you. You’ll have to come to next years Christmas Party, last year we had a karaoke and Arthur’s wife baked those fairy cakes with silver ball bearings on, I love them!
 You will come back one day and see me, won’t you? You know, before it’s the end of my time...
I know it’ll never be the end of yours.

I’ll keep watching out for you sir,

Wilfred Mott.

PS. Minnie misses you as much as I do and says you can come round for a cuppa anytime

The End

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