Somewhere Middlish

Barry, Larry, Garry and Jerry, Terri, Mary danced in the light of the moon. However, the light of the moon quite soon was dying, dying, dying. Everything was plunged into udder blackness, for the cow could not find the moon to jump over.

The sun was mad because the moon had cheated on him with the stars. And now she was dead, dead, dead and she took the dog (star) with her. So he drunk himself silly, had a bad hangover and couldn't stand the light.

Jerry, Mary, Garry, and Larry, Barry and Terri stood in the udder blackness, wondering what they should do. "Well let's find the cow," Jerry finally said. He was the leader because his name was listed first.

"I want to be the leader," Barry said. "I was listed first in the first paragraph, and that's firster than you."

"Firster is not a word," Larry said. He was very linguistically correct always.

"It is when I--" Barry was interrupted by a loud "MOO".

"What was that?" Mary cried.

"The interrupting cow," Terri said, rolling her eyes as if they were all imbeciles. "Duh."

"Interrupting cow? Interrupting cow who--"

"MOON!" said the interrupting cow.

"HOLY COW!" Cried Mary. "It said MOON!"

"Thank you, Captain Obvious," Terri said, rolling her eyes yet again. It is clear that she is the sarcastic one of the group. Or else she has an eye disease.

"It must be the cow that jumped over the moon!" Larry cried.

"And now all we have to do is find the plate and the spoon!" Barry said.

"And the cat with the fiddle!" Jerry said, not to be outdone.

"Hey diddle diddle," Terri muttered under her breath.

"Bibbity-bobbity-boo!" Mary said happily.

Now this being the middle, the writer has the choice of describing a scene that occurs either before or after this current scene. Maybe immediately before, or immediately after (even randomness hits logicality sometimes), or some other random unconnected scene.Whatever you like.

The End

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