Bully P.O.V.Mature

My name is Roxxy. Yes it's spelled with two x's. I was adopted when I was six years old by two competitive business people. They faught a lot, but I never cared because by the end of it the mother would always come raging to me and I would make her feel better and then father would cry and leave to his workplace to get everything off his mind. After a few years of my adoption, they ended up barely being home and I became less of their child. I was more of a pet they couldn't get rid of. I learned to take care of myself and how to defend myself pretty quickly. My parents were loaded due to their jobs. My mother is the only one who comes home and that's rarely. Even though, she makes me make
her happy I still cling onto this dream I had when I was giving up on everything. I knew that the girl in it was my soul mate and I became determined to find her. I wouldn't give myself to anyone but her, and I would protect her with my life even if it meant hurting her just a little. A few days later I found her. She was my neighbor and we were the same age, same school, same everything. I protected her, but without her knowing. I didn't have the courage to go up to her and speak to her. I was too dirty and tainted while she was innocent and clean. I found ways to get to know her too. Well, they might have been illegal, but I was never caught. In middle school it became tougher. So many guys were going after her! So I broke them in and made sure they would never forget that she's mine. Then high school: the guys were out of control and I couldn't fight alone anymore. So I created a nice little trio to help me and eventually we spread to fighting all the guys. We were the saviors of the school and I got special access to everything for it! I was able to watch over my princess all I wanted with no problems, but eventually I got power crazy. After the gender split mellowed out and everyone became friends, my access was taken from me. I have to protect my princess no matter the cost! So my trio and I became the top bullies. We regained access and when the school took away the clubs and security, we gained freedom as well. Now it's almost the end of our junior year and one of my girls heard some asshole say that him and his friends are going to kidnap my princess and gang rape her!

I decided that I was tired of all the shit I have to go through to protect her and sadly, I couldn't protect her from those guys. Their leader has a rich dad who would get him out of anything. He knew that my princess is a virgin and that I wanted her. I have to do something before it's too late! So I devised a plan. If she cooperates then everything will go fine and we will end up in a beautiful relationship. If not then she will hate me for eternity. I think the odds are fair. The first part of my plan took action at the last period. I got the teacher to let my trio and I leave class early so we went to the girls bathroom and hung out until the bell rang. I have everything ready and all I need left is her. I told my girls to go get her for me when she passes by and to make sure nobody sees her. I waited eagerly for them to return. I kept moving around to different spots in the bathroom constantly changing my position every second. This one looks too intimidating, this one doesn't seem like me, this one is stupid, they're all stupid! I heard more than the usual four footsteps from the entrance and quickly settled with the "leaning against the wall like a cool kid" position in the back of the bathroom and when I saw her I felt the world go slow.

Her form was exactly like a princess's from the movies and her eyes were beautifully big and brown, filled with life. Her movements were elegant just like a pri-she stomped on the ground in front of her stopping her fall and I couldn't help, but laugh. I couldn't show a different character because she might get creeped out, so my laugh came out as a wicked giggling. She straightened her posture and began to blush. Even though, nobody could see her blush, even her, I could always tell. Even the slightest blush was clear as day to me. She must be uncomfortable with all the eyes staring at her. I ordered my girls to go guard the doorway to the bathroom in case the guys saw her and decided to come in. My girls were big into exercising and weightlifting, but not like the guys are. They're into it just for protection and healthier bodies. So now I'm alone with my soul mate who has never know my feelings for her or that I ever existed until high school. My palms are starting to sweat and I'm getting itchy feet. I need to move, but I can't show that i'm nervous. It might ruin the mood. So I started sauceing around her and I couldn't help, but look at her body. It was beautiful and I bet her hands would fit mine like puzzle pieces. I saw a shiver race through her body. Alright, I'm running out of time. I need to make this happen and fast.

"Hey there you."

It came out very flirtatiously. So I guess I'm going the flirty route. Maybe she will get my signals and we'll hit it off!

" H-hey.."

Awww! When she stutters she is so adorable! It makes me want to cuddle with her! I shouldn't say anything though. It will definitely ruin the mood. Think sexy thoughts, sexy thoughts. Cuddling..naked. I let my mind wonder from there and thankfully it worked. Before I knew it I grew this air of hormones around me.

" So, do you have a boyfriend?"

I gotta play it cool and pretend I don't know anything about her. Hopefully, she will pick up what I'm trying to do. I always forget how stubborn she can be when she's clueless.

" N-no."

She stuttered again! I'm basically fangirling in my mind every time she stutters or even speaks! She's speaking to me! Me directly! I take step closer to her. Maybe if I get closer it will become more obvious.

" What's your sexual preference?"

I already know this.

"I prefer girls only."

I take another step closer to her. One more step to go and if she doesn't get the message hopefully she will at the last step.

" Have you ever dated before?"

Of course you haven't. You're mine.


I take my last step and now we are nose to nose. I could feel her frail body pressed against mine. Being this close to her was intoxicating me. She was my kryptonite and soon all my powers will be completely drained. I saw her body stiffen and a deep blush rise on her cheeks. I think that's a sign that she's understanding. I stare straight into her eyes eager to hear her stutter once more.

" Are you a virgin then?"

That is the most retarded question! Of course she's a virgin if she has never dated anyone! I fucked up already! Maybe if I play it cool she won't notice and I can move on like it didn't happen. I heard her gulp before she answered yes. I think that's a signal for something. Maybe that she has been getting my signals and feels the same way? Maybe if I...just...my mind became fuzzy almost blacking out. I couldn't control my body anymore. I grabbed her head firmly, enough to hold it still, and kissed her. It took me a moment to realize what I was doing and when I came back into control I didn't want to stop. Her lips were so pillowy and soft. Just like a princess's. I could feel a surge of lust spreading throughout my body like a mutating virus. I can't let anyone take her from me. I felt her arm move and grabbed it. This is how it goes in those romance mangas she reads, right? I was running out of breath and I could tell she was too. I slowly pulled away, almost lingering. I could hear and feel my heart racing in my ears! I felt so happy! I got to kiss my princess! Her first kiss was with me! I quickly realized that she was about to make a run for it. I grabbed her at the waist and pulled her in. She was about to scream so I covered up her mouth. Well now I look like a molester or rapist. I studied for weeks on romance and flirting and dating and I still did it wrong! Now, I'm forced to go to plan B. Before I thought of which steps should go first, I began stripping in front of her. Nothing like stripping in front of your lifetime crush to show how comfortable with your body you are. I called for my girls to come back in and help me. I had them hold her and bring her into the biggest stall. Since there is no longer security at this school I was able to get a hook and drill it into the wall high above the toilet seat in there. Of course for her comfort, I lined the toilet with soft towels.

I couldn't risk seeing her face while I'm tying her up, so I made of my girls force her to look down. I have to do this to protect you. Even if you hate me for eternity, I'll always love you and protect you, no matter the cost. I tied her wrists together tightly. I haven't done this before so hopefully they aren't too tight. I can't risk having them loose. I tied her ankles together just above them. I left space in between the wrists to tie them onto the hook. I did the same for the ankles, but that's so I can put her legs on my shoulders to prevent her from kicking me. I signaled for my girls to go back to their posts and locked the stall door. Complete privacy. I'm sorry it's not an elegant bedroom outlined with candles and dressed with silk, but I can't risk having you kidnapped while bringing you to my home. He may be a dumbfuck, but he's clever. I chose the perfect day to do this. She rarely wears anything like that. In her view it's probably scandalous. I silently took a deep breath and walked up to her. I went down to my knees and took the chance. I delicately felt her body with my own hands. Every curve and crevice. Suddenly, it was like everything I knew about her left me. I was awestruck by the beauty and purity of a princess. Suddenly a burst of noise came from her and almost made me jump.

" A-are you going to rape me?!"

I snapped to my senses and bursted out laughing. I couldn't help it! It was so cute and funny to me! I quickly corrected myself and decided that since she now sees me as a rapist I have to act like one. I tried my best to come up with some dialogue that would go with the character, but instead I pulled off her skirt that decided to drag her panties with it. I almost froze in shock that a princess would wear such scandalous underwear! I mean it wasn't strings, but it was still scandalous. I tossed them to the other stall so I wouldn't realise what I'm doing when it's too late.

" You should stop acting so innocent. I know who you are and I know what you want. "

Are you kidding me?! That's what I could come up with?! I'm too retarded for this shit. I could see the confusion in her eyes. I'm sorry princess. Your princess charming is a grade A fuck up. She gave me a deeply confused expression and I felt deep understanding of it. I pulled up her tank top and bra and realised that I should have taken it off before I tied her up. Damn it. I got up again and found my pocket knife. Sorry to ruin your cute bra and tank top. I'll get you a new one to repay you later. I cut the straps of the bra and tank and tossed it with the skirt and panties.

" Hey! That's my favorite! Please just stop! I'll give you anything you want other than this!"

Shit, that was her favorite. I will definitely replace that then. There's nothing I want other than you entirely. I can't tell her that though, it's too late. I have to hurry up and start this before it gets dark. I silently took another deep breath and went for it. I grabbed her breasts and almost fainted. They're so perfectly small and squishy like little dough balls! She's so perfect! I started playing with her nipples as well, but found it hard to. She has flat nipples unlike most females I've had experiences with. So basically it was harder to tell if she was aroused. I have to think of more dialogue to help progress the character.

" I don't want anything from you, but whether you like It or not you are my new sex toy."

That's better than the one before at least. My lust was beginning to take over and I couldn't help, but to mark her as mine. I trailed bite marks all over her body. It didn't take much to leave a mark. She was so sensitive. Every bite I made she jumped and made the cutest squeak! Hours passed by and I went way over my head. I had to take everything so nothing was left for that dumb bloodhound to find and sadly virginity is the blood. Eventually she began screaming and fighting back. I held her still and shoved my panties in her mouth. Not glamorous or sexy, but I can't get caught. I have to do this I'm sorry. My heart was cracking from pressure of keeping up the facade. In the middle of it, she stopped fighting and screaming and succumbed to it. My heart crumbled to dust and I was beginning to break. I tried my hardest to push back my tears. I'm not her savior anymore, I'm the dragon, but I will still protect her. I have to keep her away from him. He's a jock right, and his friends are basically the entire team. She doesn't go to games anyways. I gotta say something to make her avoid them. I ended up threatening her that if she told anyone our secret, I would get him and his friends to gang rape her in front of the entire school. I couldn't think of anything original, but hopefully that will do. I don't think she could see me crying or even hear my soft whimpers of pain over her cloudy eyes and clogged up hearing from the pain. She was blacking out and ready to climax at the same time. I knew she couldn't hear me so there was no chance of going back. As her body climaxed, words slipped through my lips at hearable volume.

"They can't have you!"

After her climax she blacked out. I slowly backed away from her body in disgust with myself. As the blood from her hymen dripped from her crevice down into the toilet. I slowly left the stall to wash my hands of the blood and took a while to clean everything up. I clothed her with her skirt and panties. I put my hoodie on her and shoved her broken clothes into my backpack with the rope and pocket knife. I got dressed and carried her as a bride out of the bathroom. When I met up with my girls I thanked them and told them good night. As we parted ways, I decided to take her home with me. Thankfully the dumbass left after seeing me leaving the school with my princess. Now he knows she's mine. I decided to take her home with me and care for her for the night. When I got home, I bathed her and dressed her in my pajamas. They were a perfect fit. I put her to bed and got myself ready for bed. I laid next to her and positioned her, just like in the dream of her that I had. I was so exhausted that I forgot I was running on adrenaline and once it ran out I passed out.

The End

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