The beginningMature

It's a terribly written story that starts out as lesbian rape but behind the scenes of the victim and the culprit it's a whole other story. Enjoy as much as you can and please comment your opinions and trouts and such. Thank you.

Hey, my name is Brad and before you set in stone that I'm a guy, I'm actually a girl. My parents are transgenders hiding from the world and they had decided to name me Brad to make a statement to the world that names aren't gendered. I'm sixteen and in my junior year of high school. I have never gone out on a real date before, but I have always wanted to find my princess charming. Yep, I'm lesbian. Well, that's what I would be labeled as. I personally don't care for names or labels, so in my world I'm just a girl that likes girls. Anyways, I'm getting off track. I have never had anyone else like me before either, at least nobody I knew of. I'm a grade C average student and a pure virgin. Nobody really knows I exist; even when I speak in class or bump into them. At lunch, I sit behind a big rock and eat peacefully. My junior year is almost to the end with only two months left and my parents are crying and complaining about me almost being out of the house like they do near the end of every school year, but I guess something up there controlling my fate, decisions, life, or whatever you want to think, got bored of what they made out of me and gave up.

As the end of the school day approached, I was walking out of my final period to the front door like I always do. Stay on the sidelines and don't make any contact no matter what. I walked by the water fountains without bumping into anyone, good. I walked by the restrooms and before I could make it to the wall that split the two genders, a hand grabbed my left wrist and dragged me into the bathroom forcefully. Luckily, I wear my backpack on my right shoulder only so nothing got ruined or fell. I almost tripped when the hand stopped pulling me, so my reflex was to put my free foot in front to stop me. I basically stomped my foot in front of me and there was a response of wicked giggles that erupted from around me. I blushed from embarrassment, but nobody could ever tell if I was blushing. My skin is light tan, but somehow dark enough to where you can't tell. I fixed my posture quickly and observed around me.

The high school bullies. This high school doesn't have any of the classic male bullies, at least not anymore. They are all bullied by this trio, who had gotten tired of being bullied by the stereotypical guys. They formed this heap of backstabbing garbage that had once been the saviors to everyone that had been bullied. After the gender hierarchy had mellowed out and faded with the times, they didn't want to just be a "memory". They morphed into the reason why everyone now fears the bullies no matter of gender. They helped, but didn't help.

As I was given the chance to observe; one of them was behind, the other at the counter side, and the leader in the front. The two followers looked at me as if they didn't know why I was here. The leader on the other hand looked at me as if she was going to kill me for pleasure! A small shiver of panic flowed through my spine and my adrenaline was dripping, ready to release. The leader nodded to her two followers and they nodded in response like Morse code. They left and went to go guard the entrance. At least I think that's what they are doing.

She greeted me with her flirty, cutesy tone and stood from the wall she was leaning on. She sauced around me and looked at me from head to toe all around. I shivered again from being uncomfortable.

"Hey there you."

" H-hey.."

It was all I could manage to get out at the moment. I'm not used to talking to anyone other than my parents and saying anything generic that I have to say! She smiled with a wicked twist on the ends.

" So. Do you have a boyfriend?"

I looked at her with a blank stare and organized myself again. She's completely throwing me off guard with her flirtatiousness.

" N-no."

She took a step closer to me.

" What's your sexual preference?"

"I prefer girls only."

She took another step closer to me. Her aura felt very sexual. If she was a dog and it was mating season, she was due.

" Have you ever dated before?"


Dammit I'm still stuttering! She took another step closer to me and now we are nose to nose with her body softly pressed against mine. I began to blush deeply as the heat went to the tip of my ears. I was completely paralyzed and I never knew until now. She had stared straight into my eyes eagerly and asked her last question.

" Are you a virgin then?"

I gulped and answered confidently to show I'm not afraid of her because if she tries to beat me up, I have enough adrenaline in my body to run all the fucking way home! After my answer, she grabbed my head, held it still, and kissed me. On the lips. Kind of hard. My backpack slid off my shoulder and fell on the ground. I didn't fix it back onto my shoulder before it fell like I usually did. I clenched my fist around the handle and began to wind it back, ready to sock her in the gut with my notebooks and textbooks. She grabbed my wrist again, but this time my right. Sadly, she was stronger than me so I couldn't move my arm anymore. She pulled back, making our lips disconnect and looked at me with accomplishment brimming her eyes. I stared back in utter shock and started to turn around to run for it! I felt her arms wrap around my waist and pull me back. A scream escaped my mouth, but she covered it with her hand. Even if I did scream I doubt anyone is here to hear me. This school doesn't have any clubs because they want to focus on getting the overall test scores up to look good. So they cut all of them out. They cut down security to almost none for the same reason. My back was pressed up against her and I was squirming in her grasp, for what felt my life. She called for her two followers and they came in to hold me still. They both are stronger than me so either I'm weaker than a leaf or they've been seriously working out! The adrenaline was released and pumping through my veins at this point. I watched in deep confusion as she undressed.

She opened the stall on the end that was biggest and the two forced me to sit down on the toilet seat. I still have no idea what's happening! She opened her backpack and took out two long pieces of rope. Are they going to tie me up like a piñata and beat me to death or something?! She took one and walked up to me, but I was forced to look down. I'm pretty sure the two followers have no idea what she is doing though. They didn't ask any questions so they probably don't care. She tied my wrists together tightly, almost to the point where the circulation was almost cut off! She left an open section in the middle as a hoop and hooked it onto a hook she hammered into the wall high above the seat. We really need the security back here! She took the other rope and tied just above my ankles together but leaving space in the middle as well. You know, I forgot to mention that since today is in the 70's I decided to wear a skirt and a tank top. You can't blame me, alright!? This sort of thing doesn't happen every day! She motioned for them to leave and they went back to guarding the main door, leaving us in private. She closed the stall door locking it and walked up to me.

She sensually moved her hands all over my body, making me start to tremble. I know where this is going and I don't know if this is going to end well. I could feel a little bit of bewilderment from her, but it's probably just me. My voice was caught in my throat until finally I had the courage to speak from what was happening.

" A-are you going to rape me?!"

She looked at me in shock first and started bursting out laughing. She calmed herself quickly and slid off my skirt pulling my underwear halfway with it, ignoring my question like it was never asked, making my heart speed up more.


My voice cracked in fear and embarrassment as I crossed my knees to hide my parts. She tossed my skirt under the stall to the other and did the same with my underwear.

" You should stop acting so innocent. I know who you are and I know what you want. "

I had no idea what she was talking about! All I know is that I feel like I won't make it out alive if she continues!

She pulled up my tank top and unhooked my bra. She went to her backpack and took out scissors. Next thing I knew she cut off my tank top and my favorite bra! Wonderful.

" Hey! That's my favorite! Please just stop! I'll give you anything you want other than this!"

She started grabbing at my breasts and teasing my nipples. She leaned close to me and kissed me again, like this was a normal thing between the two of us, scaring me even more.

" I don't want anything from you. But whether you like It or not you are my new sex toy."

She bit her lip again and started biting at my body, hard enough to leave marks! I'm too sensitive to pain. A paper cut was enough to make me cry! We were in that bathroom for almost three hours. She made sure to take all of the innocence out of me and took every ounce of virginity I had. By the middle of it I gave up on struggling, the pain was unbearable and I was tired of reacting to the blood on her fingers from forcing her way into me. There was nothing and still is nothing I can do. In this sick world she owned every inch of me now. She knows I can't do anything to stop the fact she owns me and all things she did to me. She threatened me that if I told anyone our secret, she would get the entire football team to gang rape me in front of the entire school and some other shit like that, but to be honest that isn't what makes this the hardest part of most likely living this hell longer, my dreams of finding my princess charming died and my face was pale from all the tears I had cried. My throat sore from the wails and screams. My body immovable from the pain of losing everything it knew to protect. My eyesight was hazy and I was ready to die. I blacked out hoping for death with a last memory of my body climaxing and her yelling at me that they couldn't have me. Whoever "they" is. "They" set off a spark and I don't know where it's going next.

The End

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