If she is crying, look here.

As expected, it was her.  Tall and blonde, wearing inconceivably tight jeans that would have looked skanky on anybody else but on her looked... nice.  The day beyond her tall, gorgeous frame was gray and misty, though not quite raining.  He squinted past her shoulder at the damp street and said, without a hint of surprise in his voice, "Callie."

It was then he noticed her shoulders heaving with sobs.  When she looked up and peered at him through her honey colored bangs, her eyes were a teared up, blotchy mess.  She tried unsuccessfully to regain control but managed only to make her chin dimple all the more.  When she called out his name, however, the floodgates burst open, "David!"  She threw herself through the threshold and into his arms.  He did not catch her, but did think to scuttle the little Lego figurine into his pocket before Callie could notice.  That would be difficult to explain away.

"David, I'm sorry!  I didn't know where else to go."

He sighed.  Callie's sudden appearance at his door was just what he didn't need right now.  He had been riding that tumultuous "Break-Up" roller coaster of emotions for weeks now, and had just reached a state of emotional stability, free from outbursts of tears, vulgarity, or a combination of the two.

But that was Callie, just when things were semi-copacetic she had to find some way to royally screw it up.  Dave tried to push her off but her embrace was insistent.

"You shouldn't be here, Callie," he mumbled into her puffy vest, which resembled a flak jacket for the Michelin Man, "you made it abundantly clear that we are through.  You said so yourself."

"I know, I know," she wailed into his ear.  The subtle scent of her perfume wafted gently to Dave's waiting nostrils, which eagerly drank in the aroma.  He could never quite place it no matter how many fragrances he had shopped for during the time they were dating; he assumed she had combined two different perfumes into a knockout combination.  Whatever, her scent felt like home to his nose.

"But I'm in trouble, Dave!"

The End

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