Chapter Four, Stocks (Eaon)

Eaon refreshed the webpage.

AAPL -3.73%                                          -$3,323,164

INC -7.35%                                              -$1,102,320

HGSI -5.25%                                           -$2,203,873

He grinded his teeth and muttered a curse. His mom would scold him for this. His lucky streak had made him overconfident. If he’d only sold the stocks yesterday he’d have a balance of $131,762,642, now his balance was under the $130 million margin. His mother would kill him if he didn’t get it over $30 again until Friday. He slammed his fist on the table in frustration. It left a dent, a dent in a metal table. Eaon frowned. He ran his finger over the surface of the perfect crater.

‘Strange’ he thought. Then Eaon concentrated on his problem again. He hit refresh and sighed in relief after the webpage had reloaded.

AAPL -3.02%                                          -$2,768,174

INC -6.42%                                              -$807,430

HGSI -3.89%                                           -$1,694,022

Eaon sold all the stocks and bought the stocks his mom had recommended, but he’d been too proud to invest in:

350,000 shares from KO, 200,000 shares from GOLD for and 500,000 shares from SU.TO.

Although it hurt his pride, if this didn’t work out he could blame his mother.

Reassured he closed his laptop and took a sip of his Tieguanyin tea. His mother always dismissed him as a tea drinker but he just wasn’t much of a coffee-drinker. He hated the coffee his mother drank. ‘Kopi Luwak’ he thought and shuddered.  Coffee made out of cat excrements wasn’t really his dream beverage.


Eaon’s Smartphone vibrated. He slipped it out of his silken pocket, unlocked it and
looked at the screen. It read: ‘1 New Message’. He tapped the screen. It was from his secretary:

“Mr. Norwington, your mother reminded me that you are expected to participate in the ball this evening. She said and I quote: “If he doesn’t get his lazy ass to the ball I’m going to take away his car.” She also said that there would be important people you should meet.”

Eaon groaned. He hated all the parties and Galas meetings he had to constantly
attend to in order to please his mother and guarantee good relationships with
important business partners in the future. He wrote a short response and headed
to the fitness studio.

The End

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