Chapter Three, Miracle Mending (Auraya)

Auraya served. The volleyball flew in a perfect arc over the net landing in the far corner of the field.

“Ace” The couch shouted.

Auraya smiled, bounced the ball on the floor threw it up and hit the ball with her wrist, sending it straight over the net.

“Out” the coach shouted.

Auraya kept smiling. She’d had a streak of four aces. One out couldn’t down her mood.

An opposing player served. One of Auraya’s teammates got the ball and catapulted it into the air. Auraya ran, jumped and brought her wrist down hard on the ball, a perfect spike.

Simultaneously Mike, her best friend, jumped holding up his arms, trying to block her.

The ball broke through his block and connected with his nose, a sickening crack echoed through the gym. Mike yelled in agony as he fell down clutching his bleeding nose. Auraya landed on the ground running. In a flash she was kneeling beside her friend taking stock of the injury.

Mike’s nose was tilted in a crazy angle.

“Oh, looks bad” she said through gritted teeth.

“It hurts like hell” Mike moaned.

“Let me just check if it's broken” Auraya said and shifted Mike’s nose into what would have been the correct angle of the nose.

Mike screamed out in pain. “Are you nuts? That hurt’s”

“Sorry”, Auraya grinned sheepishly.

Then she was pushed aside by the coach. The coach examined the nose.

Then with a sigh of relief “You’re one lucky guy, with that kind of impact your nose should have been broken. It’s miracle you came off with just a nose-bleed.”

Auraya frowned, she knew enough about anatomy to know that the nose had definitely been tilted at an abnormal angle, yet the nose seemed alright now. Just to be sure she asked Mike.

“Hey Mike wasn’t your nose dangling to the left when I came over?”

“Yeah I thought so too.” Mike said, probing his nose. “It doesn’t even hurt anymore.”

“One lucky guy” the coach said and helped him up.

 Then he turned to the crowd that had been attracted by Mike’s scream. “Now
those who didn’t help last time roll up the nets,neatly and head to your changing rooms. We’re done for today.”

The crowd dispersed leaving Mike and Auraya standing alone.

Auraya blushed. “Sorry ‘bout that.” She said.

“Naw, no hard feelings” Mike grinned. I’m going to take a nice hot shower and then I’ll be good as new.”

“Next time don’t be stupid and to try to block my spike.” Auraya teased.

“If I’d jumped only half a second earlier I’d have blocked your spike and you’d have the nose bleed.” He pouted.

“Ok then, next time” Auraya said and they both headed to the changing rooms laughing.

The End

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