Chapter One, Cold Blood (Fernandez)

Sleek. People hate sleek. It turns everything to slush, that may sound appealing, but it’s a real mess, if you have to clean it up that is. Fernandez sniffed. The Aroma of the Chocolate-chip cookies wafted into the living room. His stomach growled.

“Stop torturing me and give me some cookies, Mia” Fernandez called to his twin sister.

She peeked out of the kitchen. Her long amber hair tied into a pony-tail for cooking. “None for you sleepy-head, you weresupposed to help me, remember?” she answered with a fiendish twinkle in her hazel eyes and pushed another tray into the oven.

“Aw, come on.” he said. “Please.”                          

“You ate at least half the cookie dough while I went out grocery-shopping.” She protested.

“You can’t blame me, I was hungry.” He exclaimed.

“Well, you’ve had your fair share.” she said. “If you want to earn some, pick mom
up from the train station. You know she hates sleek.”

“Fine.” He grumbled. “But there better be cookies left when I come back.”

Fernandez got up and slurred to the corridor. He checked himself in the mirror. His black hair was tangled into a bird’s nest like always.

He flexed his biceps and smiled at the effect, flashing his teeth, which were extremely white in contrast to his tanned skin. He put on his jacket, grabbed an umbrella, and started jogging to the train station.

Fernandez, unlike other people wasn’t bothered by the cold, if it were up to him he’d be walking around with only a t-shirt on, but it wasn’t up to him. His mother didn’t allow that, she was afraid he’d catch a cold.

Fernandez never got sick. He never even felt cold. He had gotten the nicknames Snake, Lizard, Reptile and other cold-blooded animals during middle-school, but most people just didn’t consider it abnormal anymore. They were accustomed to it.

Fernandez hummed the melody of ‘River Flows In You’ and waited for the train to arrive. He checked his watch 17:03, the train was due 17:04. Another seven minutes Fernandez calculated.

He had a reliable ‘algorithm’: remaining time plus eight minutes due to the bad weather and two minutes due to the probable fact that the conductor was freezing and wanted to go home as fast as possible.

At 17:10 sharp the train rolled slowly into the station. The doors opened and the platform was immediately crowded. There was pushing and shouting, a little girl was screaming. Fernandez mingled with the crowd, looking for his mother. As the number of people on the platform began to ebb he spotted her fumbling in her purse, probably for her cell phone.

“There you are mom.” Fernandez yelled.

“Oh, how nice of you to come pick me up, honey.” She smiled. “You didn’t put on the scarf I bought you.” she noted as he got closer.

“Mom, I told you I don’t need it. I’m not cold.” He grinned.

“If you say so.” She shrugged, pouting.

He rolled his eyes. “Fine I’ll put in on tomorrow.” He said, smiled and opened the umbrella.

Fernandez was happy, but little did he know that his happiness wouldn’t last.

The End

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