A Legend of FireMature

first came the fire that burned the world to ashes. then came the stone that protected the world as it began to bud anew till the day the light came and made it bloom once more. this is the fire
as for the rest read it yourself.



How many sides are there to a coin? hopefully you said two yet if that is so why do we assume that other things have one side? a side for peace and war, life and death, love and hate. all things have two sides weather you realize it or not. Even legends have two sides. Such as this story of twin brother. one side is white the other black, one is rotten and one is pure. Yet we hardly ever get them the credit they deserve. Two of the most important men in all of time and we forgot them. they did so much for us. They destoyed the world for us and we forgot them. Only i remember. Only  I remember the twins of fire and born from fire. Only i remember the flames of the twinborn. Perhaphs i'll tell you of their story. A story of flames, hate and love. Many would think that their story began in  8023 with the betrayal but strangely it actually begins in 2346 in a time I shouldn't know of but I do and this is were the story truly begins.

A man dressed in souls of the damned and hellfire approached the gates of heaven.

"Which of satans minions dare approach the kingdom of heaven?" Boomed an angelic voice.

The man looked up and smiled as he said " I must have lost my shine if even you saint peter mistake me for a minion. I am Satan ruler of hell and no other. Unless you wish to call me Lucifer once more."

Saint Peter's eyes narrowed " what do you wish to accomplish here lord of the damned?"

Satan laughed a silky sound meant to disarm the most cynical of man " I want no more than an audience with your esteemed master god."

Saint Peter's eyes began to shine " Do not try to sway me you snake. It is a hopeless endeavor and you need not ask me for an audience he is already here"

In a flash of light a man of radiance so bright even Satan averted his eyes lest he be blinded. " Satan what is it you wish of me?" his voice shook the gates of heaven and the clouds which they had been standing on began to glow.

Satan smirked " Oh my esteemed rival. I wish to know if your willing to place a gamble as the humans say."

God said " what is it?" his words having the same effect as before.

Satan said " My rival as I have been working I remembered a certain bet we had a long time ago when we saw whether your most esteemed servant could be swayed to my cause. You won but I have come to realize that you cheated me. We tested your most loyal of servants that hardly shows whether mankind accepts you as your master. This time summon the combined conscious or essence if you will of man. Let us show it the things you can offer and then mine. After this let it choose who it prefers. If he chooses you I will submit to your will and neither me nor my minions shall touch humanity for a few millennia. Should I win my limits will be released and the world shall be subject to my desire."

"I accept", said God

Immediately light began to gather a few feet away from them. The light grew and turned into a humanoid who features literally changed constantly like a river. It constantly changed from man to woman, it’s skins shading changing constantly just like it's hair, and It’s eyes going from blue to red to brown and to everything in-between.

"I am man. what do you wish of me creator?" said the humanoid. Man’s voice was as if millions of people were shouting the words and would have deafened any mortal.

"I want you to choose who you'd rather serve. I will show you what I have to offer and he will show you what he has to offer" said God

Man's eyes widened in surprise " As you wish it lord" said Man

So God showed him his gift. Peace everlasting, growth and love, never running out of room in the world, no more war, no more hate, no more hunger. Then the devil stepped forward and showed him what he had to offer. Bliss, parties and drink, sex, victory over your enemies, and everything in the world.

After this was over God stepped forward " Choose." he said

Man hanged his head and pointed towards the devil. " I choose him." said Man.

"Then begone from my sight" said God and Man disappeared split up and returned to their separate bodies.

Satan cackled " At last I have won!! I knew man would choose me given the chance!. I've made them complacent by giving them control over lightning. Now they won't even walk a mile. They'd rather just hope in they‘re clever little contraptions. Ha!! they're days of comfort are over. Those spoiled brats will learn the true meaning of hell. On what they call new years day I’ll take the continents of the world and smash them together. My new years resolution will be to show them hell on earth and hate to all men!" with those words Satan was enveloped by hellfire and despairing screams from the souls of the dead he wore. Those desperate screams would haunt the great halls of heaven for millenia to come.

God with a heavy heart returned to his throne leaned his head back and said " Satan you fool you forget that I know all that was, is and is to be. I knew you'd win but there's something I must prove to you no matter the cost."

The End

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