A Legend

Force, Light, Temperature and Matter. Four Mediums manipulated by teenagers.

Mythology is what we consider mystical but unreal, fascinating yet intimidating. Our current beliefs may be considered as Mythology in the future. So how do we know if the Greek gods weren't real, or there was in fact a Hammer of Thor? We  don't know for sure, but we assume that it is a myth. Then let's assume that this is real.




Universitas, the 'whole', spoke and the four mediums were formed: Matter, Force, Light and Temperature. Out of Matter he formed the Universe. But there was something amiss, it was empty. So he created Light seen but not felt. He created Temperature not seen yet felt. He watched his work suspended around him, unmoving. So he created the forces to give life to his work and watched as it thrived and prospered.

But his task had greatly tired him and he sensed his powers fading. Thus he searched for other life-forms who could bear and wield the agents of creation. He came upon a tiny planet with multiple life-forms. He gifted each of the four agents to a different offspring of the most intelligent race and drifted into an infinite dormancy.

The End

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