A Last Date With Cancer

It's a sad story, but luckily not based on any real experiences. i wrote for a school project where we had to do a piece of creative writing to do with cancer, and this is what i produced. It's a very early story for me again, but edited several times since then.

‘How are you feeling?' she asked him, resting her head on his shoulder.

He winced. ‘Bloody awful! Worst I've ever been. I think... I think it's going to be today or tomorrow if I'm unlucky,' he told her. He'd been feeling worse and worse over the last few days. His doctor told him he had no more than two months left to live. That was a month ago. The end was very near for him.  She knew it a while ago but was still crying. There was nothing anyone could do to help him anymore. All he has to do now was close his eyes forever.

‘I hate to see you like this. I hate not having anything to do to help you. Is there nothing they can do to save you? Anything?' She was lying next to him on the hospital bed and stared into his eyes. It hurt him more than the cancer did to see her so upset. But he had already told her that he's not going to recover, and she should move on. He asked her to find someone special, but he also made her promise never to forget him. He didn't worry about that though. He could tell he had a permanent place in her heart. That made things a little easier for him.

‘No, there's nothing. They can't do anything else. Everything that can be done has been done. I keep telling you. Nothing can save me; I just have to wait until it's over.' She kept on crying and he held her in his arms and thought deeply. He looked at her and saw his pain in her eyes. He knew the only thing left to do was to die, but he really didn't want to die in this bed. He had decided a long time ago that he was not going to waste his last breath sniffing in anti-septic and bugs in a hospital. He could feel death coming; he had tiny glimpses of the Grim Reaper, patiently waiting for him in the ward corridor. He had to get out of there.

He sat up in bed, squeezed his girlfriends hand and stared into her eyes. ‘Hey, look at me babe. I haven't got much time left, so there's not much point wasting my life away in bed now is it? I don't want to stay here anymore. I need to get out. Please, help me up,' She stood up and stared at him with amazement at his strength and a little fear as he got up out of bed and pulled the cables off of him.

‘What? What are you doing? Where are you going?' She cried. He sat on the side of the bed, caught his breath and pulled his clothes on and slipped into his shoes. The pain was almost unbearable but he tried to ignore it and felt better knowing he was getting out of this hell hole.

‘Well, I either die in bed alone or I leave now and spend my last dying breaths with my friends and family,' he got up, hobbled over to the door and grabbed his crutches. ‘I'm organising a going away party!' he grinned.

‘Yeah, but you can't just leave the hospital. They need to sign you out of the ward first. Wait!' she walked after him holding onto his arm.

‘Just watch me,' he shuffled up to the reception office on that ward and leaned on the counter.

‘Hiya, I'm off now. If anyone sends me flowers keep them for yourself because I won't be here to enjoy them.' He told the nurse behind the desk.

‘Hold on! I can't let you leave yet. Has your doctor cleared you?' The nurse asked.

‘Nope. No need,' He replied.

‘Then I have to get you to fill out this form, sign yourself out. When will you be coming back?' she asked. He took the form and ignored what the nurse just said. He filled it out and handed it back to her.

‘There. I'm no longer the hospitals responsibility. Happy now? I'll Seeya later,' The nurse hesitated and looked at him suspiciously as he turned to the elevator and limped towards it.

‘BYE!' he shouted not looking back. The nurse got up and was about to say something but he just stuck his two fingers in the air behind his back. It felt so good to be finally leaving that awful place.

‘I've never seen this side of you before. Since when have you been so stubborn and, cheeky?' Sophie, his girlfriend asked him.

‘Since I found out how long I had left to live, which is about no more than a day. But oh well, if you gotta go don't make it so boring.  After you babe,' he held out his arm and Sophie walked into the elevator at the end of the ward and kissed him on the cheek as she brushed past him. He limped in after her and pressed down. They were on the fifth floor and he met his doctor on the third.

‘Blake, what are you doing out of bed and in clothes?' He asked. ‘You should be resting, where could you be going?'

‘Away...' Blake stared at him with painful eyes. I think the doctor understood what he meant.

‘I see,' the doctor replied.

Blake smiled weakly. ‘If I was resting now I would probably die in my sleep, and that's not much fun is it? I want to be awake and kicking when I die!' Dr. Ramore was a good doctor, but not very good at lying. Whenever he said everything was ok, it was very hard to believe him even when it was true. But he was always there when he needed him. He knew john will be sad when he goes. But he's probably just another patient to him. Blake didn't mind though. That was all he ever wanted to be. John Sighed. ‘I'm not going to stop you Blake. I know there is nothing we can do to save you but at least look after yourself alright?' he asked him.

‘I'll try. But I'm not exactly in charge of all those ugly things inside me though am I?' Blake and Sophie reached the bottom of the elevator and stepped out as it opened. He left the doctor in the elevator looking displeased but didn't do anything to stop them. They left the hospital and walked out into bright sunshine. Something Blake rarely felt lately. Whenever he had the chance to go outside, it was always cloudy and chilly.

‘What was all that about? You have changed; I have never seen you like this before. I love it,' Sophie smiled and kissed him on the cheek. ‘So, where are you going to go now?'

Suddenly, Blake groaned in pain and stumbled a bit. She grabbed him and held him up. ‘Well, it seems I have a lot less time than I thought so let's go to my parents' house first, give them a surprise. C'mon, I might need a bit of help though; can you get me into a wheelchair?' She nodded and rushed off, returning with one. As she wheeled him away from the hospital he thought about his experience with leukaemia. About how he spent those long months out of his mind on chemotherapy, vomiting from all the radiation treatment and always in pain, though not always as bad as other times. He remembers being constantly watched, treated and injected with all sorts of chemicals by nurses and doctors. This was only the fifth time he had been out of the hospital in the last 2 months. When he had got out it was only for a weekend. It was living hell having to deal with my cancer. He was glad it would all be over soon. Just take one last breath and let St. Peter guide him to the Pearly Gates His family and friends were devastated when they found out, especially Sophie. She took it hardest because she was there when he first found out he had blood cancer. That girl really loved him. She visited him every day he was in hospital and always brought him flowers, chocolates, CDs and heaps of other stuff. She made living with cancer so much more bearable because he knew he always had someone who still cared for him. He was surprised that she didn't dump him and find someone else when she found out about it. Of all the people he will miss, Sophie is the one he was truly sad to leave. He hopes she doesn't feel so bad about it that she joins him in heaven soon after. That was always a scary thought for him, but she can look after herself pretty well. She'll be OK.

He closed his eyes and thought about his life so far. So short, but it was a good life none-the-less. He was loved and cared for. He didn't do everything he wanted to before he died, but you can't always get what you want.

And then things just slowly faded away. He couldn't feel the weight of his body on the wheelchair anymore, couldn't smell the antiseptic of the hospital and his eyes were too heavy to open. This is the end, he thought. He relaxed and let death take over him as he took his very last breath.

It was over. 

The End

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