Behind the Law

"So what do you think?" Bim asked Jacc. "It's a good idea, except for one tiny detail. How are you going to get his boss to bring him back here?"

Bim hadn't thought of that. How was he going to convince his dad's boss to do what he asked? Well, there was kidnapping, threatening...and a lot of even MORE illegal ways to do it. But how to do it within the law? There had to be a way.

"Maybe if I just talk to the guy..." Bim suggested. "Isn't your dad always complaining about how big a jerk he is?" Jacc asked.

Hmm...this was going to be more difficult that he'd thought.  As they moved into the main part of the city, the infoscreen came on and they heard the mayor begin to speak.

"...Who was recently stationed on Stilarr," Bim was suddenly listening. "Has just reported that there is land on Stilarr, which we previously thought to be only water. He also mentioned that life was in abundance. Some of the life has been labeled as dangerous. Ramb will be staying to study this new life and decide whether the planet may be populated by our people."

They were talking about his father. His father was on a strange planet with abundant life. Dangerous life. His father could die out there, and they wouldn't find him for months. Years, maybe. Bim did what any kid who just heard their dad could die on a far-away, isolated planet. He panicked.

"Calm down, Bim." Jacc started. "Your dad's got weapons. He can take care of himself."

"This can't be happening. This can't be happening. This can't be happening!" He was really freaking out.

"Bim, your father will live. He knows how to use a gun."


That night, Bim began to plan. Alright,  I don't have time to thing of a legal solution, he thought. So I'll just have to go behind the law.

The End

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